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Will Space Travel Ever Be Environmentally Freindly?

Space travel is all the rage but will it ever be eco-freindly?

With new space companies popping around all over the place and whether we’ll make it through climate change still in the balance, this is a burning issue and also this article’s topic.

Sure, we have already seen reusable rockets from space companies Blue Origin and Space X. And experts have praised this as a massive breakthrough and truly this is. It has absolutely transformed space travel. But, and this is a big but. Aeroplanes and cars are all reusable however transport account for one fifth of global carbon dioxide emission worldwide.

However there is still hope and thats in Solar Electric Propulsion. Technology is being developed by NASA which will be used for electric rockets which will also be able to help NASA travel further into space and maybe even Mars.

“Energized by the electric power from on-board solar arrays, the electrically propelled system will use 10 times less propellant than a comparable, conventional chemical propulsion system, such as those used to propel the space shuttles to orbit.”

Says Nasa

There is also technology being developed by ARCA a non-profit organisation which is building the Eco Rocket. The Eco Rocket is, pretty self-explanatory, is built to be eco-friendly. It use water based propulsion technology for its first stage which produces water vapour to power it into the air.

Further Reading

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