Flashing Neurons!
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Flashing Neurons!


Over the years I’ve used every possible lens type, or at least looked into it. Shooting with the Canon 7D I ended up with the following

  • EF 70–200
  • EF 100–400

I also had a wider 10–20 Sigma that I can’t find, the nifty fifty, and a 100mm macro. But those three are the lenses that got the most use, with the 100–400 being the birding workhorse.

As I switch the EOS R system, I find myself essentially replicating that with the following

  • RF 70–200
  • RF 100–500 (and I got the 1.4x extender)

These are essentially strictly equivalent to the EF lenses and I plan to sell most of the EF lenses shortly (will probably keep the nifty fifty). I also ended up with a couple of others

  • RF 15–35

The 24–105 is the “kit” lens and it’s something I can keep on the EOS RP, for example, to teach my son photography. It’s the lightest and the cheapest of the bunch but still a super high quality lens. The 15–35 is the replacement for the Sigma and will probably end up being used mostly for video.

I’ve always liked having two bodies. For a few years we’ve had the 7D and a Sony (and before that the 450D). But now that I’ve committed to the EOS R system for photography, it’s the EOS R5 (some day) and the EOS RP.

Why Zooms?

With the Sony I mostly had primes, but I always found them limiting, even in cases where I really like their sharpness. For what I do and how I shoot, it’s zooms all the way and there are so many good ones. Just wish they weren’t so heavy (the RF lenses can be huge).



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