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⚡️ Introducing Flaave: The Flashlending Market

  • SNX: 21% (+4% FLASH Boost) = 25% APY
  • CRV: 4% (+4% FLASH Boost) = 8% APY
  • wETH: 1% (+4% FLASH Boost) = 5% APY
  • USDC: 1% (+4% FLASH Boost) = 5% APY

How Do I Use Flaave?

Perform your first Flaave flashlend in three simple steps:

  1. Select the asset you want to flashlend
  2. Select the duration you want to flashlend
  3. Click “Flaave” to receive all your lending fees, instantly!

How Does This Work?

Flaave combines the yield power of Aave and the time travel of Flashstake.

Where is the yield coming from?

Yield is generated by the Aave v2 protocol on the Ethereum mainnet.

Halloween Flashdrop

If the Aave community can help Flaave Protocol (strategies) reach $1M TVL before October 31st 🎃, 1 million $FLASH tokens will be rewarded to Flaave users proportional to usage.



Flashstake is a protocol that allows you to generate instant upfront yield with your crypto.

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