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Flash Pulse — September 26, 2022

Has it been another week already? Time flies when you are building a billion-dollar protocol.

Last Week in Review


The first thing I want to call out here is something that doesn’t always get the glamor, but Umar and Ben have really revamped our QA process, and the dApp interface just keeps getting smoother. I know new features usually get all the credit, but the improvements made in the last couple of weeks deserve tons of kudos in their own right! Did someone mention features? You betcha there is new stuff here too. Flashstronaut development completed, with even a little leaked artwork for those of you who were hanging around the discord. Research and initial planning on our first Optimism strategy has begun in earnest, with development on our Convex strategy entering its final stages as well.

Strategy & Marketing

Over on the Strategy & Marketing side of the house, we completed the internal hiring process for our Flash Farms and Content DRI’s (Directly Responsible Individuals), so everyone please join me in applauding @zachruff and @edz for taking on these new responsibilities. There will be other DRI positions coming up soon as well, but Zach and Ed have already begun working toward their new goals, and I have every confidence that they are going to excel!

Other major happenings in this realm included using the first of our AAVE grant to help bootstrap the WETH strategy. This was an important test to evaluate the importance of providing native rewards for Flashstakes. The reception has been quite positive, and there may still be some WETH in there, so get it while it's hot! We are hard at work in this area to not only pursue additional grant funding in the short term to help make this a more common reality but to offer a new bootstrapping method to allow strategies to offer native rewards right from the start. You will be hearing more on both of those avenues in the coming weeks!

This week was another productive week when you take a look at the hillchart too. Our Growth DRIs, at least the first two, are in place and off to the races. L2 (Optimism) research and planning are now well underway, and the Convex strategy is getting closer and closer to completion as well. The team is building and maintaining a lot of good momentum here, which I am really proud of.

Coming Up This Week

  • Layer 2 Continued Planning
  • Flash Strategy, Product, and Grow weekly calls
  • Breakout Post-Steak review meeting
  • Continued strategic discussions, modeling, & council voting
  • Flash Farms DRI and Content DRI to begin full work in their new capacities
  • Dapp feature backlog grooming
  • Continued QA improvements

User Interviews

As usual, if you are reading this and have used the Flashstake Dapp thus far, we want to hear from you. Specifically, I want to hear from you! We figure leaping immediately leaping to an in-person interview might be scary, and that's ok. If I am describing you, please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or discord and we can conduct an async interview over text as well.

Minor spoiler, the team and I are also working on a post-stake Typeform that you will be able to fill out super-quick after completing a stake to help us make sure your experience inspires you to time travel with us for millennia to come!


I’m still working through the best way to provide you with a minimalist roadmap for our long-term goals, similar to the at-a-glance utility of the hill chart for our ongoing operations.

For now, I’m sticking to the text version:

  • Pursuing alignment between our users, our message, and our value prop — otherwise known as product-market-fit
  • Launching on an L2
  • Launching more strategies, period
  • Scaling those strategies to sustainability — bootstrapping, grants, etc.
  • Scaling our Growth machine — from Flash Farms, to Content Production, and beyond

For more information regarding Flashstake, please check out our website and documentation. Also, consider becoming a member of our community on Discord, and follow us on Twitter!



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Nick Mitchell

Nick Mitchell

Web3 Project Manager | Blockzero Council | Flashstake Council