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How to Read a Technical Paper

Level up by diving into the weeds

One Big Caveat

Accessible writing is hard, and it’s not the norm

Why read a technical paper?

Context for news, trends, and problems

Advance your skills and level up

Personal curiosity

What’s hard about reading Technical Papers?

Digging a little more into the first problem:

What about when you actually find a paper to read?

Finding Papers to Read

Read clusters of papers

Conferences and Journals

Getting recommendations

Getting Access to Papers

Skipping papers

Tips and Techniques for Reading Papers

Looking up vocabulary

Three Pass Reading: Skim, Read, Summarize

Make it Social

Build a Paper Reading Habit

Make regular time for paper reading

Get accountable

Share and celebrate

Favorites and Recommended Reading

A paper reading habit automatically, over email

Some recommendations that aren’t papers

Papers I’ve enjoyed

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