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How to Use Ecto.Changeset

or, be the changeset you want to see in the world

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A troublesome update scenario

Building Invoicing in Rails

Why Ecto.Changeset?

  • Ecto is a database library or "persistence framework" for Elixir. It's not the only one, but it's a nice one.
  • Ecto is two separate packages: ecto and ecto_sqlso you can get the
    data manipulation features without using a relational database.
  • You can use Ecto without Phoenix if you're building a basic Elixir app. However, it works really nicely with Phoenix, so hooray.

Building Invoicing in Elixir

Cool, and what else can changesets do?

|> cast_allowable_fields_to_their_types_as_defined_in_ecto_schema(params, [:whitelisted_field, :whitelisted_field])
|> validate_format_presence_and_everything_else_you_need()
|> handle_constraints(:field)
defmodule Registrar.Billing do
def create_invoice(attributes) do
|> Registrar.Billing.Invoice.changeset(attributes)
|> Repo.insert!()

What about constraints, though?

defmodule Registrar.Repo.Migrations.ChangeInvoicesTable do
use Ecto.Migration

def change do
create unique_index(:invoices, :email)
action: :insert,
changes: %{
email: "tracy@example.com"
errors: [
email: {"has already been taken",
constraint: :unique,
constraint_name: "email_index"
data: #Registrar.Billing.Invoice<>,
valid?: false

And can I use changesets without a schema?


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