The Great Migration: WordPress to Contentful

Part 2: Leveraging Contentful Rich Text Fields

Malorie Casimir
Sep 13, 2019 · 8 min read

Welcome to part 2! If you missed part 1, you might want to read it so you can gain a fuller understanding of what we aimed to accomplish. Otherwise, keep reading for the much anticipated ending to our journey!

Flamingos migrating in Kenya

Contentful Rich Text Fields

The rich text field on Contentful is the most fancy field type you can get on their platform. It provides a nice UI for adding extra formatting to text. It also allows you to embed other content types either inline or as a block right in the field as long as you handle its rendering in your codebase.

We wanted to push up directly to a rich text field, but because of its complex structure, we decided to push our markdown up to a markdown field and use Contentful’s rich-text-from-markdown library to convert our markdown to rich text and then push it into a rich text field.

Upload Time!

It’s time to finally upload our blogs to Contentful. We used the Contentful Management API via their contentful-management gem to accomplish this. Here’s what we did:

Amazing. At this point, all of our blogs are on Contentful with their content in the markdown field. The next step is to convert those markdown fields to rich text.

Converting to Rich Text 🤑

Time to switch to using JavaScript! We used Contentful’s contentful-migration and rich-text-from-markdown libraries to handle the conversion of markdown to rich text. The contentful-migration library handles the actual passing of data between the fields and the rich-text-from-markdown library handles converting the markdown itself. There’s only a bit of setup for the contentful-migration portion:

Now for what you probably clicked on this post for:

Here’s the migration itself:


And that’s that.

This was a ton of work with a lot of trial and error. I excluded all of the rabbit holes and just included what works. That being said here are some key learnings:

Ask for extra eyes from colleagues sooner rather than later. This project took me about a month. The length was due in part to the amount of trial and error I endured and the lack of resources available on the internet. However, I’m sure it could have been shortened if I asked for extra eyes sooner rather than later.

Sometimes the work you do as an engineer will just straight up suck. There were parts of this project (the gloomy Friday afternoon) where I felt really uninspired and burned out. However, I stuck through it, and now I can look back at that experience and realize how much I learned from it.

Growth lies outside of your comfort zone. This is probably obvious for most people, but it really rang true for me during the course of this project.

Take a vacation. The burnout was real after this one so I made sure to take 1.5 weeks off to recuperate. Luckily, I work with a team of very understanding engineers and managers so this wasn’t an issue at all.

Wait, there’s more

Here’s a bonus script from when we needed to downgrade headings for accessibility purposes:

Thanks for reading! Want to work on a mission-driven team that loves the JAM stack? We’re hiring!

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We're the technology team at The Flatiron School (a WeWork company). Together, we're building a global campus for lifelong learners focused on positive impact.

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