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Top 9 Material Admin Dashboards

Looking through the admin template market you can easily conclude that this market is saturated. It’s observed in the number of templates, the amount of developers, and (what is of the most important) a bunch of articles of «Best templates …(and here year, description or whatever goes)». And the amount of template becomes bigger and bigger every year. After reading several articles you may find out that to remember the name of the template you have liked is not (just believe us, really “not”) an easy task (of course, if you keep a template page in a browser tab it’s much easier, but don’t forget that RAM is limited and your browser may already keep 40+ tabs).

Maybe it’s Admin Press template? No-no, the template I liked doesn’t have a brutal man on standard profile…

Ok, maybe it is JustDo template? Well… Hm…. I don’t remember that I had to choose one of ten layouts to see an admin panel.

– Damn it, it seems like I have to check them all…

Furthermore, in order to reach more audience developers try to make their admin templates universal and thus, paradoxically, we have a bunch of templates where you can customize almost every element of design with a decent-size «design customizer», starting from layouts and header colors, ending with side overlay and arrangement of the content on a dashboard. In the pursuit of universality, it’s easy to lose the idea of the template that separates it from the others. In that case, the template becomes «one of» instead of being «the One».
In this article, we want to share with you the best admin templates with a material design that carry their own ideas and in which we can recognize the uniqueness.

React Material Admin

Image source: https://flatlogic.com/templates/react-material-admin-full

Visiting this template you may you may notice that it looks so minimalistic but with a lot of pages and components. If you look at the code or if you build your app based on this template you will understand that the core advantages of this template is that it is easy customisable, has thorough documentation and offer good support. The code has minimum extra dependencies, it’s jQuery and bootstrap free, and since that the code is easily maintainable. The team consists of professional developers that adhere to all processes and requirements of customers and provides high-quality products. This template follows Google Material Design Specs. and built with the latest version of React.js. It has three color themes, absolutely mobile friendly and has an e-Commerce section.

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Dashboard UI Kit

Image source: https://dashboard.zawiastudio.com/demo/home-overview.html

Dashboard UI Kit has a strong focus on user interfaces and web applications. It has a minimalistic, clear and bright design where nothing distracts you. The core idea of the template is focusing on the things that the audience remembers the most. And this template is really doing that. After watching the overview page, performance page with a great interactive map on it (look at that lightweight animation — it works so smoothly) and the analytic page you bump into a landing page, and here the most interesting part of this template comes out. The template can make you a unique offer of pre-built web applications on separate pages that not only allow you to build your website faster but also give you web apps with the same minimalistic design concept that the template has. We enjoyed Dashboard UI Kit very much while using it, you can enjoy it either.

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Image source: https://demo.pixelcave.com/codebase/be_pages_dashboard.php

Codebase is a template that is positioned as a multipurpose UI framework. And this admin template is a rare exception that truly can satisfy the needs of clients from different fields, but stay simple in use, maintain high-quality code and don’t get lost among other “multipurpose” templates. Why is it so good? Well, Codebase is not overwhelmed with a huge amount of blocks on every page, that often happens when developers just don’t know how to show users all the features they have included in the template.

Also, it has a well-thought-out structure of pages without a long navigational bar that in some templates is even longer that the information on the page. Since the navigation bar is compact you never be lost in scrolling up and down the bar to find an element or category you need. Despite the small size of the bar Codebase includes an impressive amount of dashboards for different business requirements. Among them are e-Commerce, e-Learning, Forum, Real Estate, Hosting, Corporate dashboard, Medical dashboard and some more. This admin template maintains the high standards of well-built templates and provides us with a very positive user experience from the start with its pop up with warm welcome to new customers and the convenient navigation bar. All that allows us to conclude that the template was made with the care of its users.

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Vue Material Template

Image source: https://flatlogic.com/templates/vue-material-template/demo

This is a Vue admin dashboard template build with a progressive Vuetify framework. This product will be appreciated by those who prefer working with simple and functional items. All components are placed intuitively comfortable. The menu is located on the left hiding sidebar. In the upper-right corner, you will find helpful elements, such as a search field, a notifications button, a messages button, and a profile button. The rest of the screen space is filled with the main content. The Vue Material template has a responsive layout. Developers have paid special attention to UI elements. They included in the template beautiful icons, amazing Apex charts, and well-known Google Maps. A nice bonus is that this admin template is a good base for different web applications, mainly for SAAS and E-Commerce projects.

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Image source: https://piaf-vue.coloredstrategies.com/app/dashboards/default

Piaf is a Vuejs admin template. It’s jQuery-free but has a jQuery version as a separate item for those who use it. The first thing you notice is a design. The designers made excellent work, so you can enjoy the composition, colors (unless you try to customize it, don’t do it, seriously), icons, layouts, and components. The hiding smart menu instead of old single panel menus with accordion structure looks spectacular.

The code is based on the modern Vue.js framework and since it’s jQuery-free it will be much easier for you to customize the templates to your needs. If you use this admin panel for a while you see how smooth animation is and how seamlessly every element interacts with each other. This is particularly evident in charts, developers managed to create useful and beautiful charts with a single chart library and that worked out perfectly. Cut a long story short, Piaf is a stylish and elegant decision for any business.

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Image source: https://pixinvent.com/materialize-material-design-admin-template/html/ltr/vertical-modern-menu-template/

Materialize is a material design admin template with a really loud name. It’s built on top of Materialize framework, contains components and animations focused on user experience. And you can see it from the beginning, the initial visit starts with a welcome pop up. When you skip it (don’t worry, it appears every time you visit the main dashboard) the first thing you might notice is the animated cart on the right sight of the screen, which leads you directly to the page where you can the template. We emphasize this fact for a reason: Materialize is developed for eCommerce and this is a good example of “call to action widget”. The template offers you a huge collection of components, widgets, animation, UI elements, and a lot of jQuery plugins for all tastes. Furthermore, it has a bright, magnificent design that leaves a pleasant aftertaste. If your business is about selling on the internet, Materialize helps you not only to build your web app but also gives some tips on how you should build it, if you look through it paying attention.

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Angular Material Admin

Image source: https://demo.flatlogic.com/angular-material-admin-full/#/user/profile

If we take Angular and Typescript, and add to this mixture Material Design, we will get a beautifully designed and functional template — Angular Material Admin. The developers team has created hundreds of pages and UI components. The template boasts of several dashboards, a variety of charts, integrated maps, themes support, modular architecture. Angular Material Admin is fully supported. It has a documented codebase. One more advantage is that this admin template has a responsive layout. It means that it will equally fit different gadgets. The template is ingenious in its simplicity. It’s a good base for creating different web applications, for example, SaaS, CMS, data visualization apps.

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Fiori Bootstrap

Image source: https://demo.dashboardpack.com/fiori-html-pro/

Fiori Bootstrap is a Bootstrap 4 admin dashboard template, where each component has its SCSS stylesheet and is built on top of jQuery. Fiori is a good example of an only-horizontal layout admin dashboard template with an appealing and fully featured admin panel. The navigation panel separated on 4 blocks that somehow contain layouts, sample pages, components, and widgets. You can get access to any element of the template in just two clicks. «For people who count clicks» — that is maybe the phrase that the team kept in mind while developing Fiori. If you want to have all tools at your hand on one page this template is for you.

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Vue Material Admin

Image source: http://vma.isocked.com/#/dashboard

If you are looking for an admin template and keep in mind words like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WordPress, likes, followers and so on, the Vue material admin template is here to help you. There are no 200+ UI components and widgets for exploration, 20 + sample pages or other similar numbers that aimed to impress you. Vue admin template shows you quite the contrary. It contains a small and nice collection of instruments for building an admin panel for blogs or business in social networks. The diversity of them isn’t stunning, but if you apply them correctly the result will surprise you for sure. Another distinctive feature is its simple code. Even people without huge experience in coding can make an app or a dashboard on top of this template.

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