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Why Build a Mobile App Using a Template?

Giving consistent, yet engaging experience on mobile is more essential than any time, and it gives a true competitive advantage to businesses that get it right. One of the most difficult decisions you must make when it comes to your mobile app is whether you are going to create it with the help of a template or create a custom app from scratch.

Here are some of the benefits of using a mobile app template:

Tons of ready-to-use components

When creating a new theme, developers keep in mind that it will be used for a variety of functions and that it will be used by people which have all levels experience in development. That means your template will usually come with lots of built-in components, widgets, options, large amount of functionality. That will provide you with certain level of flexibility in process of creating your own design.

Cost-effective solution

Templates are not only relatively easy use, this is cost effective solution for your business. As you can see the price of the template is typically quite low especially on single license. Usually the cost of setup and development is become smaller by maximizing the use of the template’s built-in features. It can save you up to 20 000$ depending on the type of app.

Even if you choose to hire a company to create the app for you instead of doing everything yourself, the time which has been saved by using templates compared to custom app designs will definitely save you lot of money on development.

Created by professional UI and UX experts

Nowadays, as we know all well-known mobile apps are built considering the opinion of UI/UX designers. With very attractive and clean looks, app users prefer easily and quikly navigate applications that usually can solve their problems and problems of their family with fewer interactions and efforts. Created by professional UX/UI experts mobile app template not only looks astonishing and stunning but will also provide usability on a high-reaching level.

Customization and integration

The design itself can be easily customized and all aspects of the application are included: from navigation to app management. A template can be integrated with any service such as a website analytics program, a CRM system, an email system etc. What is good is that mobile theme can easily be integrated with different CMS, for example YouTube, WordPress and Facebook. It can be customised in the way you designed your desktop theme. In general, it can be customized for a broad range of designs.


A mobile template can definitely provide an essental part of you design. The theme for the app would complete the backgrounds, subsequent navigation layouts and color schemes. There is an application for every task or problem. So everything needs a mobile app. And starter kit is a good way to jump-start your own development project or to study from the work of an expert. You owe your time to yourself, it is valuable, and it is better to get a head start on your next project to have another competitive advantage.

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