Flatstudio Dribbble Meetup 2018 (En)

Are you ready to traveling in the time?

Kseniia Popkova
Feb 22, 2018 · 4 min read

Today we want to take you back to one fine evening of 16th of February, the day that our first Dribbble Lisbon Meetup took place. Where we gathered a crowd of creative people and a stack of useful contacts.

Aside from colourful stories about interface bugs and funny clients, meetup usually is also a sort of informal conference, which involves having a lineup of expert speakers. In other words “creative brain spa”. Our meetup was no exception. Our elected speakers approached some relevant topics, shared the experiences and received a lot of positives feels from the audience.

Design Director Bohdan Kononets shared the origin story of Flatstudio.

He told everyone how the studio grew to become a company that leads projects in complex interface systems, digital design, programming and branding. And also how it was possible to open an office on the banks of the river Tejo in Lisbon and build a workflow that works for the company, and not against it.

Presentation of the Flatstudio showcases.

He answered in front of the audience on the questions that studio gets a lot, and shared his secrets on how to properly answer clients on tricky questions like: “Why do you need to know our budget?”.

The short answer, which we give as an example:

Money is a touchy subject, we get it. But think about this like a car. We can create any type of car, being that comfortable Renault, hi-tech Tesla or flashy Lamborghini. So that we can advise on the features of the car, we need to know the budget. If all we know is that you need a car, well, we can’t really get you the product you need unless we know what you are aiming at. And it’s OK if you want a Tesla Gigafactory.

Sounds familiar, right?

The Interface designer Slava Moroz shared his tricks and tips of working with plugins in Sketch.

He opened up on the topic of optimizing the UX design workflow and told how to reduce the waste of time while working with big amounts of data in Sketch.

But enough of brainy talks, let’s have some fun!

This was our first experience of organizing events, and of course not everything went as smoothly as we would have liked. We were not able to follow the planned timings and at the last minute we had to change the location of the meetup.

We always thought that we have a fairly simple logo to apply, but apparently not everyone can manage to make our branded cupcakes. Looks like the circle is not only the most perfect shape, but also a very challenging shape for baking.

But we take pride in learning from our mistakes and always strive to grow beyond ourselves. We will definitely pump up our skills and fix the slip-ups in order to meet you fully armed at our next Meetup!

Find yourself or enjoy atmospheric photos.


Flatstudio develop complex Interface systems for Web…

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