Naked Science project redesign

Вohdan Kononets
Feb 21, 2018 · 3 min read


About 2 years ago we were contacted by Alexander Pulimov asking us to work on his interesting project. Alexander is one of the founders of “Naked Science”- online russian magazine about science and scientific technologies. At that moment the website was very popular among readers who are interested in science. These people were sending a lot of feedback asking to improve the website, to change the content design and many other things. So we had to solve many problems so users could feel convenient reading their favorite resource of information.

Problems and Difficulties

The design team identified the main issues with the website that needed to be resolved:

  1. Difficult articles reading
  2. Bad typography
  3. Сhaotic content structure
  4. No search system
  5. Content is not structured on the importance or popularity
  6. No navigation

There weren’t big problems for our team in creating a new media website. After the first prototypes were accepted by Alexander we started designing the full website with mobile adoptation. It is very important to design a mobile version. The statystics says that 1/3 of all user traffic of the Naked Science comes from mobile devices.

The result

As a result there was a huge work done to let users enjoy reading their favorite media source instead of complaining about design drawbacks.

What we did:

  1. Created a new section — Topics. Every article is included into some Topic. It can be a ‘Sci-Fi Shot Film’,‘Hyperloop’ or ‘Nobel Prize’, etc. Every user can follow this topic a get notifications when new articles are added there. There is an opportunity to choose between time like Day, Week, Month.
  2. Arranged the menu. Now it is simple and intuitive. The main links were left on top and the others were hidden in the left sidebar.
  3. Designed 3 types of articles.
  4. Created a Live section. User can watch live streamings and make comments having a conversation with others.


We are very happy that we managed to creat a great and simple design to let everyone enjoy awesome articles about new technologies, science and many more topics. The website keeps growing, besides the website there is a magazine issues you can download on iOS and Android. Learn more about this work on our Behance presentation here or visit the website.


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