#bekind to the political agitators

I’ve been seeing a LOT of posters around my town agitating for armed revolt, revolution, saying All Cops Are Bastards (ACAB/1312), killing police officers and espousing the benefits of socialism whilst saying Capitalism is Bad, mm-kay.

All cops are bastards? Bit like saying “all sudanese are in gangs”.

And I’ve been doing my bit to push a different agenda by tagging these posters with my own home-baked brand of political opinion, basically #bekind and #notcool.

See here’s my problem with these ideas for political revolt:

  1. Humans are complicated

2. See #1

Political ideologies come and go, and they’re all great on paper. The same as religions are fine until you introduce humans into the equation, humans with our emotional back-story, our experiences, but above all, an evolved brain which hasn’t done much since we were apes starring in a Stanley Kubrick movie. For all our civilized, high ideals of morals and ethics, we’re driven by the same basic instincts as our predecessors, the need to be safe, the need for stability, and the need to band together against the aggressor. Back in pre-history the threat was unrelated animals, the big cats, wolves perhaps.

Socialism has just as much chance of being screwed up as any other political ideology simply because it’s written based on everyone Just Getting Along. But ask a Communist Russian about how that works out in the end. Anarcho-syndicalist communes might work in small groups to be sure. Add seven billion people to the equation and you might see things differently.

In my opinion, there’s only one human approach that works: Science. It’s self-correcting, it deals with facts and is the only thing that’s really brought humanity forwards. When politicians actually listen to science, we make progress. And it doesn’t matter if the politician is in a Capitalist, a Communist or Socialist paradigm, it doesn’t matter if the politician is a dictator. We move forward, we make things better through science.

Ironically enough though, it’s always the scientists and academics that are first against the wall when the revolution comes.

Flaw & Order

Putting the “What” in “WTF”

Greetings from the Couch

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Flaw & Order

Putting the “What” in “WTF”

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