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#Covid-19 Signal Boost

Greetings from the Couch
Mar 26 · 3 min read

Just retweeting, boosting these links for accurate information on Covid-19 AKA Coronavirus. Please seek out government information sites, because relying on Facebook or Twitter for facts is ultimately futile.


We can read the symptoms or just go to the horse’s mouth. This gentleman is unfortunate enough to have the disease, but good enough to share what it’s like.

I hope you recover

Seriously people, this is NOT NORMAL. There is no vaccine. Listen and be vigilant.

Australian official information

Get your information from RELIABLE, official resources.

NOT Twitter or Facebook.

Seriously people, the plaforms have ALWAYS been stuffed with misinformation. Go straight to the horse’s mouth.

You can take the Australian government site (with a complex, long and confusing URL)…

or the much simpler…

States and Territory sites:

Specific actions

The health departments across Australia have said loud and clear that Social Distancing and Washing Hands are the two biggest ways to avoid contracting Covid-19.

Running commentary

The ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation has good coverage of the unfolding pandemic.

And even if you don’t like lefty, commie, pinko media, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, together with The Guardian have decent ongoing coverage. It’s also free to view to everyone.


Some good quality, reputable and fact-checked explainers are from Kurzgesagt and Science Insider.

Kurzgesagt do nifty animated explainers that are fact checked by experts.

And here’s one from Science Insider.

Or if you prefer the dulcet tones of Stephen Fry, here’s his take on the virus.

Dealing with lonliness

Kurzgesagt created an excellent explainer on how lonliness can affect you, and ways to deal with it. While Social Distancing will save many lives, including your own, it’s good to keep connected with people through other means.

Fact Checking, renowned fact checkers are utterly snowed by the torrential bullshit flooding the internet. They’re focusing exclusively on COVID-19/Coronavirus for the forseeable future.

I’ve heard it said that it takes one hour’s work to refute one minute of bullshit. That’s what Snopes and other fact checkers do, and they deserve our respect.


Covid-19 has dramatically changed the world. Unfortunately, change is scary.

It’s no-one’s fault. Humans like all other life on Earth are psychologically evolved to maximize energy in whilst minimizing energy out.

This means many of us are uncomfortable and even aggressively resistant to change, because it means higher energy out. It’s the reason so many people are still ignoring health warnings, breaking quarantine and swearing they’re fine. Unfortunately, we’ve ample evidence that this costs lives.

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand Prime Minister said it best:

“Act like you have Covid-19, it will help guide your decisions.”

Flaw & Order

Putting the “What” in “WTF”

Greetings from the Couch

Written by

Really not a neural network enhanced instabot from the nastiest burrows of the darknet. (also do chai reviews on @melbournechai )

Flaw & Order

Putting the “What” in “WTF”

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