Awesome Ladies iOS Engineers to Follow on Twitter

Twitter is not just about funny gifs and jokes on iPhone X notch.
It’s a news platform first and foremost. Almost everyone in our mobile dev community uses Twitter. And if you’re just starting a journey into iOS development following the right people can set you up for success. You can get dozens of fresh guides, hacks or video-tips. You can keep an eye on trends, new approaches, jobs opportunities and all upcoming iOS events with all those early birds discounts and call-for-papers.

There are many good lists of great developers to follow in our community (mentioned at the end of the article). However, I haven’t found any Twitter list with all those awesome iOS engineers who are also beautiful ladies. So I checked who I follow, asked the community for their recommendations and browsed popular conference speakers. You’ll find these women iOS engineers frequently write interesting & useful tweets and contribute to iOS & macOS community.

Without further adieu, follow away!

Agnes Vasarhelyi

Agnes tweets many curious ObjC and Swift questions, conferences slides, tech articles and news about Topology Eyewear (startup she is working on now). Before moving to San Francisco, Agnes was taking an active part in supporting iOS community at Hungary. She was one of the organizers of NSBudapest and previously worked on Ustream app. Agnes has long relationships with reactive programming, so expect to find some gems on it at her Twitter feed.

Anastasiia Voitova

You may know Anastasiia for her comprehensive talks on how to manage keys in iOS applications and how to protect user`s data from security breaches. Anastasiia is a Ukrainian Swift magician with cute hand-drawn presentations. Very often you can find cool security tips or articles on her Twitter feed. Also, she is a part of our CocoaHeads Ukraine organizers team and a frequent iOS dev speaker (here you can find all @vixentael security talks). I’m lucky to know Anastasiia personally. When we were changing Flawless App product focus, she helped us a lot! So you can be sure, @vixentael won’t ignore if you asked her advice.

Ayaka Nonaka

Ayaka has many cool conference talks in place starting from “Natural Language Processing with Swift” all the way to “Testing: View Models & Protocols”. So her knowledge background is pretty wide (all the talks are here). With Ayaka’s Twitter, you can keep an eye on the wide variety of iOS development topics, hiring news, and some nice personal shots. Indeed, Ayaka shares many things from her California life.

Carola Nitz

Carola doesn’t tweet very often, but sometimes things she shares become viral. Carola contributes to VLC for iOS Client, has been programming since 2009 and went from working at a small startup to Apple. She shares iOS tweaks, debugging gems, funny tech photos and news from iOS conferences. Sometimes she even dresses up like a unicorn.

Cate Huston

I haven’t followed Cate Huston, but someone over the iOS Programming subreddit just pinged me to check her out. After digging in, I can see Cate has a huge variety of skills from creating custom image processing algorithms to managing teams. Expect to see more than pure iOS-related content. Cate cares about diversity in hiring, women in tech, public speaking for engineers, traveling and many other things (which you can also read on her blog).

Danielle Tomlinson

Danielle is a very active open source contributor (her GitHub is a blast!). Just to mention, she is one of the maintainers of CocoaPods and fastlane! Her tweets sometimes sarcastic, sometimes “too-German” and sometimes too funny. Don’t look for iOS articles there, Danielle mostly prefers to tweet nerd snippets and funny hats. I also advise you to check this light and funny Danielle’s talk on “The Evolution of Mobile Development Tools” from Craft conference.

Ellen Shapiro

Ellen is iOS & Android developer, blogger and conferences speaker (here you can find her talks). Ellen’s Twitter is a mix of life learnings, conference news & slides as well as neat tricks both for iOS and Android. Also, you can find many interesting Ellen’s iOS tutorials on Ellen doesn’t tweet many articles for beginners, but she is very open to chat with folks over Twitter.

Erica Sadun

Erica has a pretty solid blog with tons of deep and thoughtful articles. All her new posts are instantly tweeted to her feed, together with other important news from Apple ecosystem. You can lose yourself there for days! Also, Erica is an active Swift Evolution contributor, writer, and speaker (I’d recommend you to watch Erica’s recent talk “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To This Array“ from try! Swift NYC). Her Twitter feed is very informative and full with SE proposals, new Apple news & resources, articles and nerdy jokes.

Kamilah Taylor

Kamilah Twitter is full of different conferences shots, events, iOS tips and many-many cool photos. Kamilah actively supports women in tech, talks at conferences and previously worked at Linkedin. From one interview, I found out that at the age of 9 Kamilah used the Logo programming language to make a little turtle draw lines on a computer screen. Pretty neat! Well, I don’t know Kamilah, but every time I see her photos in my Twitter feed, she is always smiling :)

Kristina Thai

If you are interested in watchOS development, you should definitely follow Kristina. She tweets many development tips, iOS articles, jokes, conference news and opportunities for women in tech. I would say, her Twitter has a perfect balance of iOS & watchOS related-content and delightful things. To give you a bit of background: Kristina is a senior iOS engineer at Intuit, tech speaker, and writer on her watchOS blog. A long time ago Kristina helped us with the first version of Flawless App. I’m still excited that such awesome engineers are open to help small startups!

Meghan Kane

Meghan is a software engineer who focuses on Machine Learning in iOS (in fact, she has a strong math & CS background from MIT). You can find many great Meghan’s talks on implementing ML in iOS apps. Usually Meghan tweets about deep learning, conferences, tech initiatives and opportunities for women in tech. While being based in Berlin, Meghan also shares news for the local community. I noticed that Megan often tweets her travel plans, so you can simply drop her a line and meet somewhere in the world.

Nataliya Patsovska

Nataliya is a Bulgarian iOS-developer, who previously worked with Spotify team. She tweets about her new job, conferences, daily iOS dev challenges and how she tries to fix them. Recently Nataliya gave a nice talk on MVVM at Scale, which you can watch here. You will find her feed full of iOS tweets and nice personal moments (like seeing the real cocoa pod for the first time!).

Natasha Murashev

I’m sure you have heard about @NatashaTheRobot and her strong impact on iOS dev community. She has a personal blog, newsletter, organizes a “try!Swift conferences”, meetups and talk at events (here you can find @NatashaTheRobot’s talks). Her Twitter feed is very informative with many useful iOS-related links, especially for beginner developers. 26K followers might make you think, that Natasha won’t answer if you try to approach her. Well, that’s not true. Natasha engages with the community on Twitter and via email. Every time I write something to her, she always replies.

Paola Mata

Paola is an iOS engineer at BuzzFeed. I’ve never met Paola personally, but sometimes we chat over Twitter. I would say, Paola’s Twitter feed is very personal and honest. She shares her struggles and funny moments, together with iOS news. She is a regular speaker at different conferences, like “try! Swift” or “AltConf”. From her Twitter, I found that Paola takes an active role in supporting diversity in tech. She is also a co-founder of NYC Tech Latinas and advises “Women in iOSoho” community. That is so cool!

Rebecca Slatkin

Want some dark iOS humor? Follow Rebecca, her tweets are so sharp and funny! On top of all that, you can find articles on React Native, soft skills, startup news and retweets about literally everything. Rebecca works for Wayfair, dealing with PCI compliance on Android and iOS platforms, while managing her team. Her iOS background and natural humor will make your Twitter day much better.

Sommer Panage

Sommer combined so many professional roles, that I even don’t know where to start :) She worked as freelance iOS dev, professional circus artist, head of Mobile Accessibility on iOS & Android at Twitter and iOS developer at Apple. And her Twitter feed combines news from all that areas. You can find useful freelancing or accessibility tweets, as well as many interesting personal tweets.

Tamar Nachmany

Tamar is an iOS engineer at Tumblr. Over Twitter, she shares many thoughts on hiring in tech, conferences, personal learnings, iOS-talks and social things. Before becoming a software developer, Tamar has been an artist. So you can see many artist tweets together with iOS-related content. And, yeah, like many engineers on this list Tamar often speaks at iOS conferences.

Lisa Dziuba

Yeap, it’s me :) I’m the founder of dev company, Flawless App, Swift learner and entrepreneur. In my free time, I’m helping with CocoaHeads Ukraine and painting. If you wish to know how to grow your side project without a budget, learn Swift, mac programming or design for iOS platforms — just follow me.

We can get inspired and learn a lot from all these amazing engineers! And I must admit, my list is not comprehensive or finished. For sure, there are many great women iOS engineers over Twitter about whom I simply don’t know. If I’ve missed someone, please help me with your recommendations in the comments. Thank you for reading and huge thanks to Kunal Bhatia for helping me with English.

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P.S.: Many people from this list helped to make Flawless App a reality. It’s a tool for iOS engineers which compares initial design with the real app right on the iOS simulator. We are still small Ukrainian team and would love to get any feedback on our product. Feel free to write me directly. 😊