Game of Thrones in Design

Valia Havryliuk
May 13, 2019 · 3 min read
Thanks to the great designer Alex Kunchevsky for this awesome animation.

Like many of you, I’m a huge Game of Thrones fan.

And I’m very excited to see creative ideas around Game of Thrones topics — in Dribbble shots, funny animations, hilarious videos, and marketing posters. The designs community bring its best in GoT world.

Let’s enjoy!

Brandon the pianist by Eran Mendel
Official Teaser by Eran Mendel
Dragon Queen by Anuj
A feast for crows by Eran Mendel
Daenerys Targaryen by Alex Kunchevsky
Night King by Alex Kunchevsky
Zombie march by Eran Mendel
Ice and fire by Eran Mendel
White Walker by Wider View
Rider on the storm by Eran Mendel
Dragon ride by Eran Mendel
Tyrion Lannister running with wine glasses by Sergiy Galata
Cersei by PixelToons
Sam and Jorah by Eran Mendel
BB-TYRION by Tony Babel
Cersei Lannister by Alex Kunchevsky
Nymeria by Alex Kunchevsky
John Snow by Unez Akbar
Winter is here by Eran Mendel
John Snow by alexandrov alexandr
Jaime Lannister getting rid of some white walkers by Oriol Torné
Tyrion Lannister by Alex Kunchevsky
The Mountain and the Hound by Eran Mendel
Team Khaleesi by Eran Mendel
Oreo x Game of Thrones
A Can Has No Name by Mountain Dew

Thanks, Lisa Dziuba for recommending some cool GoT designs and for supporting me all the time.

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