How you can benefit from the accepting of the denied: starting with your inner and outer self, and moving towards saving the rejected fruit and veggies.

Oh, it’s so Flawsome! This beautiful feeling of progression when you continue your journey not downwards or even straight but climbing up; and this gives you even more strength to spread your wings while you are jumping off the cliff - the abilty to react faster to the changes. I bet you know that sensation. Flawsome puts on more layers as it gets colder and we realize there is much more for us to say, much more for us to fight for and much more souls to be guided and inspired.


Go to google and type “Flawsome” and the first link you’ll get is urban dictionary saying…

“Flawsome. Something that is totally awesome, but not without its flaws”.

It’s not every day you hear someone referring to the word. But you’ll be eager to add this word to your vocabulary after reading this piece. We believe every individual is flawsome. And it’s cool. We are both awesome and at the same time we have our flaws (you can have freckles, thinking this is something weird, but actually many people think it’s cute; you can be lazy, but laziness is a fuel for the engine of progress).

So here are several reasons to BE FLAWSOME:

• Flawsome doesn’t idealize one type of person’s look image. It doesn’t push you toward being a gym addict, super curvy woman with thin waist and a peach-like booty; flawsomeness is about being cool with yourself and your peculiarities. The perception of a perfect body has been and would be changing all the time. Somebody was just born in the right time, it’s not that he/she is perfect.

• It builds your confidence. Inside out.

• Believing in perfection is believing in falsity. Might sound cliché but let’s repeat — the most appealing kind of beauty is natural beauty. We can’t all have one face and personality. I mean we can, but a simple question “Why the heck?” arises.

Our vision is simple and at the same time complex in its simplicity. It’s still all about being sustainable and reusing items. It’s still all about minimalist living. It’s still all about quality, not quantity.

We are obsessed with saving of the denied, we crave to make the world a better place to live by raising awareness and inspiring each other for a sustainable living.

In our juices we use quirky looking misshapen fruit & veg. There is nothing wrong with them. Their quality could be even better than the perfect-looking ones. It’s just us, who prefer to grab the best-looking things. That is why we help farmers to save the surplus produce which they couldn’t sell.

Food waste is really a massive issue. We want people to know that.

Are you even aware of this crazy digit? The number of fruit and veggies that are being wasted annually.

Hold your breath.

I will give you some statistics.

Roughly 1/3 of the food produced in the world for human consumption every year — approximately 1.3 billion tons — gets lost or wasted. Pumpkins wasted in the UK: 18,000 weighing the same as 1,500 double decker buses. Food losses and waste amounts to roughly £680 billion in industrialized countries and £310 billion in developing countries. Industrialized and developing countries dissipate roughly the same quantities of food — respectively 670 and 630 million tons.

Our mission is to make these statistics go down. And we have rescued 291 tons so far.

Waste problem exists not only in the food industry. It’s everywhere. And I think we should inspire each other for recycling and reusing old stuff.

Along with this our mission is to encourage people to look through the different perspective on what is perfect. And how do we denote it. Our juices are not perfect… but flawsome. YOU are flawsome. And you know why? Cause you are making an effort to save the denied fruits and veggies; cause you are making a progress towards living a minimalist sustainable life; cause you care; and simply because you are being who you really are.

So meet our main heroes — Strawberry, Orange, Beetroot, Apple and Superberry. There’s also a limited edition of saved Pumpkins’ juice for those who want to add colors and taste funky unusual flavours.

We know you are not perfect. Neither are we. But there’s one important thing we want to tell you — we love your flaws, we love your courage to stay true to yourself. Together with you we want, and WE CAN make the difference.