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Fleet Device Management
Open source endpoint visibility

Primary features

  • Policies allow users to define security policies which their enrolled devices must adhere to.
  • Improved query console, so users can more easily walk through the flow of crafting a query, selecting targets, running, and saving a query.
  • Query performance gives users the ability to gain insight into the data-to-performance…

Jason Walton — Director of information security @ Schrödinger

Ahmed Elshaer — DFIR, Blue Team, SecOps @ Wayfair

How did you first get started using osquery?

Why are you using Fleet?

How do your end users feel about Fleet?

Primary features

  • Team schedule makes the ability to collect data from your devices faster.
  • Host filtering improvements to more easily monitor the status of your Fleet and osquery deployment.

Team schedule

Easier data collection for increased usability

Transferring hosts to a Team in Fleet 4.0.0

Spread the power of Fleet

What can we expect to see?

New features

Add filesystem logrotate feature

Human readable timestamps

Unix timestamps can be confusing for even the smartest Time Lord.

Improved performance of the additional queries feature

Connect network monitoring with endpoint monitoring.

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Fleet Device Management

Open source endpoint visibility

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