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Fleet Device Management
Open source endpoint visibility

A simple query for IP-Geolocation

SELECT JSON_EXTRACT(result, '$.ip') AS ip,
JSON_EXTRACT(result, '$.city') AS city,

Proper use of JOIN to return osquery data for users

$ osqueryi
Using a virtual database. Need help, type '.help'
osquery> SELECT uid, name FROM chrome_extensions LIMIT 3;
| uid | name |
| 501 | Slides…

Bug fixes

  • Improved performance
  • Software inventory
  • Running common queries

Improved performance

What is Orbit?

Why use Orbit as part of your deployment strategy?

New features

concat and concat_ws sql functions

osquery> SELECT 'hello' || NULL || 'world';
'hello' ||…

  • Agent auto-updates beta
  • Identity Provider-initiated Single Sign-On
  • Improved server logging

Agent auto-updates beta

  • Configurable host identifier
  • Upgrades to the UI

Configurable host identifier

  • Improvements to the navigation experience on the Hosts page
  • New logging plugin for AWS Lambda

Improvements to navigation experience on the Hosts page

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