Fleet 3.8.0

Noah Talerman
Feb 25 · 2 min read

We’re excited to announce the release of Fleet 3.8.0 which includes big improvements to the navigation experience on the Hosts page, a new logging plugin for AWS Lambda, and more!

Let’s dig into the highlights:

  • Improvements to the navigation experience on the Hosts page
  • New logging plugin for AWS Lambda

For the complete summary of changes and release binaries check out the release notes on GitHub.

Improvements to navigation experience on the Hosts page

Search for a specific host in Fleet

You can now search for a specific host in the Fleet UI. Searchable properties include a host’s hostname, UUID, serial number, or IPv4.

This is really helpful when you want to check if a newly enrolled host has checked into Fleet or you’d like to quickly view more detailed information on a specific host.

Edit columns and toggle their sort direction in Fleet

Fleet 3.8.0 introduces the ability to select which columns are displayed in the Hosts table. Selecting the new “Edit columns” button will open a modal that allows you to hide and reveal specific host information.

In addition to the ability to edit columns, the Hosts table receives another upgrade: the ability to sort columns. This is helpful when you select the “Offline” filter in the sidebar and you’d like to see which of these offline hosts are running an osquery version below 4.4.0.

New logging plugin for AWS Lambda

Logging to Lambda offers an alternative to the 1MB limit of AWS Kinesis and Firehose logger plugins. Larger logs can be split as desired or written directly to logging destinations from Lambda.

Upgrading to 3.8.0

Fleet Device Management

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