Fleka team wins the first Hackathon in Montenegro

First Hakaton (Hackathon) was organized in Montenegro from 10–11 of November, 2012, and it lasted for consecutive 24 hours. This event was organized in the local high school “Vaso Aligrudić”, Podgorica, which became a melting pot for developers, designers and other fans of new technology who were willing to give their best and win this competition. There were 44 participants in total, divided into 12 teams.

After 24 hours of programming and a sleepless night it was the time to present the demo versions of solutions that were made in this short timeframe. In a substantial number of clever solutions, the team of fleka won with its SOS SMS service — call for help to the mountain rescue services. Team members were: Vera Kovačević, Ivan Mitrić, Boris Džuver, Marko Lekić, and Andrija Šćepanović. Among many ideas there was a political arcade inspired game Milo-Lekić, as well as the service that is supposed to help unemployed people to be up to date with all open positions compatible with their professional profile, made by a very young team from Nikšić (@stevyhacker, @AleksaDoder, @MrRasha666, @lazarbulatovic1).

The organizers of the first Hakaton (Hackathon) in Montenegro were Logate and Digitalizuj.me. The theme of this hackathon was to create a project that will make use of an SMS Gateway provided by the organizers. The contestants had 24 hours to convert their ideas into a presentable demo.

fleka team

We were really delighted to hear that the first hackathon would be held in Montenegro, and our design and development team was pumped with energy and immediately wanted to sign up. Vera, Ivan, Boris, Andrija and Marko immediately started brainstorming on what they could do.

Among many ideas that we had, the dominant was the idea about the service that could help people who get lost 0r injured in mountains during hiking in our mountains.

The idea is to enrich the existing signage on hiking trails with unique codes that would then be associated with their geo location. By sending a code to a unique number, it will be possible to precisely locate a sender, which will then help the rescue teams to pinpoint the exact location of those who got lost or injured. Additionally, an Android application was developed which helps the user by suggesting a nearest code based on their GPS location, without using the internet connection. Sending an SOS SMS is obviously the core, while the usage of the app helps sending the additional info via SMS, like battery status of the phone etc., providing in such way valuable data to the rescue teams.

And that’s basically it from the first Montenegrin Hakaton. The next one should be in spring of 2013, and we truly hope that it becomes a traditional event that will gather even greater number of developers and designers not only from Montenegro, but from the region as well.

Originally published at www.fleka.me.

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