Geo-location through the use of new technologies

Fabrika Znanja (The Knowledge Factory) took place yesterday for the second time at the University of Donja Gorica. The Factory aims to connect the IT sector with other economic activities, promote new technologies and to increase computer literacy for all ages. The Knowledge Factory has a business and educational character. One of the initiators of this project is the ComTrade Technology Company from Serbia.

The honor of delivering the lecture to students at this event was given to Miloš Milošević, creative director of fleka. The lecture topic was “Geo-location through the use of new technologies.” Mapping and locating through new technologies are increasingly important in our lives — we use it practically every day. Miloš pointed out that mapping has existed for a long time and that only the technology has changed and now offers incredible opportunities. The Google MapMaker, StreetView, OpenStreet Maps, Ushahidi project and others have been presented as well. He also talked about the difficulties he encountered in mapping while creating the LBS because in 2008 Montenegro was basically just a ‘’gray spot” on maps. The selfless work of the community volunteers that maps Montenegro with Google Map Maker service has made our country look the way it looks today. This is one of the most positive examples of volunteerism applied to mapping. Beside Google services, the alternatives have been presented as well, including the advantages and disadvantages of mapping on platforms of large companies.

You can be a hero too!

Miloš has announced fleka’s new socially responsible project It is a project that should encourage people to be conscientious and to contribute to the community in which they live. We can all be heroes of our community. This project will help to locate hot spots of fire, report locations of illegal dumping, locate the closest family members who need constant monitoring (e.g. those who are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease), locate places that do not issue fiscal accounts, to report vandalism, to map “black spots” on roads, which would reduce the number of traffic accidents, to locate any Wi-Fi zone with their passwords.

If you have an idea that could improve the project, please feel free to send us an e-mail:, because we can all be heroes of our community!

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