Marina Abramović Community Center Obod Cetinje

At the foot of the Lovćen Mountain, in a valley called the Valley of Gods, is the town of Cetinje. Cetinje, the Old Royal Capital of Montenegro, is home to all of the major monuments and cultural institutions. A city that spent one period of its existence as an important link to the Yugoslav industry, whose collapse contributed to its development, is now once again a place where different artistic directions collide. Many great artists originate from Cetinje, and there is the will to continue this in the future. Namely, the Ministry of Culture of Montenegro headed by Branislav Mićunović and the Prime Minister Igor Lukšić, has invited Marina Abramović to join the community center project.

Before I start talking about the project, I would like to say a few words about Marina, whom I believe we all know very well. Marina is a recognized global performance artist and one of the pioneers in this direction. In a career spanning more than four decades, she has won many international awards, and this year she became the carrier of the ‘’13th July’’ Lifetime Achievement Award, which is the highest national recognition.

‘’Obod’’ is an old abandoned factory for the production of freezers, refrigerators, washing machines and other home appliances. ‘’Obod’’, once employed about five thousand people who mostly all lost their jobs after the various privatizations which bypassed Cetinje. Areas of about 140 000 square meters and large halls are unused and have been decaying for years. Now finally, there is a solution that can help valorize all of the surfaces properly and revive the spirit of the art of Cetinje. This transformation is designed to ensure that the place turns into a true art center to be known as the Marina Abramović Community Center Obod Cetinje. Marina Abramović and Rem Koolhaas, professor of architecture at Harvard University, are responsible for the reconstruction of the industrial complex into a modern art center . The master plan is expected to be completed in the next 9 months.

Marina Abramovic Community Center Obod Cetinje will be designed as a “center of production, presentation, distribution and development of different art forms: Performace art and Visual arts, Theater & Dance, Music & Opera, Film & Video, educational and environmental programs, Architecture, Science and New technologies.” As she points out, MACCO Cetinje will be one of the initiators of the process of unfreezing, changing and resuscitation in the culture of Montenegro.

MACCO Cetinje project has all the characteristics to become a regional center and a meeting place for different artists.

Good luck!

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