We are proud to introduce to you mosquito®, web and mobile service that helps you discover, rate and follow places and events around you, buy tickets, book accommodation and share experiences with your friends.

History of mosquito

mosquito® emerged from the need for centralized source of information about places and events regarding the widest possible auditorium. This web service will soon be launched within the countries of the Mediterranean, and potentially worldwide at some point in the future. This project regards everyone, but it’s aimed to provide information both for locals and tourists. In a nutshell, visitors will be able to easily get all the necessary information about the places and events in the country, in their own language.

mosquito® wants to engage users, to center them around the things they love and to give them voice. We want to empower local communities and municipalities and have them affect the quality of the services they use every day by sharing their experiences. We aim to set positive example, both for the tourism service providers and tech industry, showing that knowledge and skills are things well worth investing into.

Everything in one place

mosquito® offers users everything they need in one place. Even though social networks are swarming with groups and pages dedicated places and events, they have different purposes then to host numerous, dispersed and sometimes even incorrect information which makes it hard to stay in touch with things users are interested in. As such, mosquito® offers clean, well thought, fresh and relevant information regarding everything that’s currently happening. Also, users can update and suggest content they regard as important.

Web service also includes interactive map based on Google Maps service, which is very intuitive and fun to use. Map enables user to orientate in space, see what is happening around them and how far away are the places and events situated. Their favourite events are placed in the calendar that sends handy notification each time on of the events is approaching. In case they want to explore new and interesting activities, they will be aided with intuitive search enriched with smart autosuggestion system.

Although mosquito® is aimed at users, we haven’t forgotten business owners either. Regardless of their business already being covered by mosquito®, they can verify their identity and take over their presentation. mosquito® lets them update their business information, announce events and communicate with their clients, completely free. We went one step further and wanted to give voice to the customers as well — the content that receives best reviews throughout the year will be conveniently marked as such; we will produce special stickers that will be hanging on the doors of the best venues and companies, letting their current and future customers know that there’s place that offers good service, quality and respect.

Online shopping, on the move

Not only the users will be informed about the repertoire of theaters, cinemas and so forth, but they will be able to purchase tickets, avoiding tedious waiting in lines. In just a few easy steps our users can buy tickets for cinema or theatre play. In near future we’re going to bring the possibility for business owners to rent and for our users to book an accommodation. That way we’re bringing service providers one step closer to their clients, removing the necessary e-shops or signed agreements with banks.

We’ve also crafted mosquito® iPhone app in order to offer maximum flexibility to all our users. They will be able to take advantage of all mosquito® services, even when they’re outside or on the move. We’re in the process of preparing the Android app in order to cover the most of the smartphones and offer as many of our users all the exciting and useful features. mosquito® on mobile devices encourages exploration of new places and events, with user’ reviews serving as a particular guide while discovering exciting world around us.

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