Blockchains Will Go Through Interoperability Between Chains

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Jan 10 · 3 min read

The development of blockchain-based networks is undergoing significant expansion and there is a general consensus that the sustainability of distributed networks is connected to their ability to interact and integrate. This concept is known as blockchain interoperability. While many projects have been working on blockchain interoperability solutions, the network is still largely isolated.

At present, individual blockchain ecosystems cannot communicate the vast majority with each other. Although this problem is already being successfully addressed by many chains, if a blockchain network tries to retrieve information from an external source “outside the chain”, each node would have to perform the operation. But since each node acts individually, and if the source is used, there is no guarantee that each node will receive the same response, so the consensus would be broken and therefore the blockchain would be eliminated.

Essentially, interoperability refers to the ability to share data freely through blockchain networks. To put this point in context, it is vital to highlight the expected scenario in a fully operable environment. Basically, if a user of the blockchain A network sends data to a user in the blockchain B network, the recipient can read it, understand it and respond to it without any challenge.

For this reason, projects focused on adopting interoperability in their system are intended to create a platform that allows several blockchains to communicate efficiently and eliminate the need for an intermediary.

Therefore, for blockchain-based networks to strengthen the mass adoption claim, the ability to cooperate and offer a perfect integration of their capabilities to their users is vital. Robust interoperability would provide users with an improved and practical experience.

Interconnecting existing blockchains is not easy. According to ConsenSys’ research on the subject, “marketing promotes competition and innovation, motivating developers and entrepreneurs to build systems that best suit their customers”. Therefore, open source interoperability is neglected and most blockchains do not have built-in support for it.

However, many blockchain projects focus on interoperability and adopt different approaches. Here are some of the advantages of interoperability:

· Make it easy for people to make transactions in other blockchains with ease

· It offers various functionalities such as cross-chain transactions

· Improve multi-token transactions with the creation of multi-token wallet systems

But how is this achieved? There are different ways: cross chain, side chain, proxy token, exchange, etc.

In the case of FLETA, the platform uses a multi-chain structure that allows given its focus on decentralized applications, that each Dapp operates independently as a separate chain with its own token and then allows the communication of all information with the main network , thus avoiding overloading and allowing infinite scalability of Dapps in the FLETA blockchain.

In addition, with its independent chain system, each developer can use their native Dapp with their original token and through FLETA Gateway it is possible to guarantee interoperability between projects, minimizing the risk associated with the token migration process. Thus, each token under the ERC-20 standard can be operated without any problem or conflict in the main FLETA area.


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