FLETA and Contentos Sign a Partnership Agreement

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Nov 12 · 3 min read
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FLETA, a blockchain platform for blockchain popularization, signed a partnership agreement with Contentos.

Contentos is a decentralized content platform that utilizes a revenue distribution system based on blockchain technology. It compensates content creators, consumers, and advertisers for their contributions to the ecosystem by using blockchain technology that manages data transparently. Since content platforms’ centralized and unfair income distribution is regarded as problematic in the current content industry, Contentos’s system based on the blockchain can be a solution to such a problem. Moreover, Contentos protects copyrights with blockchain technology, securing the rights and income of content creators. Contentos is also known for its video platform DApp, COS.TV, which is listed in Samsung Blockchain Wallet. It signed partnerships with various blockchain projects such as Origin Protocol, Theta, Tomochain, Chainlink, and Bananatok and received investment from many well-known companies like Binance Labs.

FLETA is a blockchain platform that aims to lead the commercialization of blockchain technology. Its features include a fast speed of 14,000 TPS, unlimited scalability, and low transaction fees, making it friendly to both users and developers. FLETA was selected as a blockchain PoC project supported by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency of the South Korean Government in 2019 and 2020, gaining recognition for its blockchain technology in the nation. It also signed partnerships and technical agreements with well-known projects such as Chainlink, Neo, Matic Network, and Origin Protocol which broadened the FLETA ecosystem.

FLETA and Contentos will share their markets and ecosystems through the partnership, expanding their global market presence. Furthermore, FLETA aims to widen its ecosystem and advertise its advanced blockchain technology through additional marketing events, including AMAs via COS.TV of Contentos.

Henry Hong, CEO of FLETA, said, “The content industry possesses much potential and will continue to grow. However, copyright infringement and centralized revenue distribution systems discourage content creators. Contentos presents blockchain technology as a solution for those problems, and FLETA regards its idea as a great solution.” He also added, “Through the partnership with Contentos, FLETA will show that blockchain technology can be applied to diverse fields, and lead in the commercialization of blockchain.”



FLETA is a blockchain platform that aims to offer infrastructure that can be applied to real-world business models. FLETA has its own core blockchain technologies like Level Tree Validation, Parallel Sharding, Independent multi-chain Structure, Block Redesign, and PoF(Proof-of-Formulation) which is its own consensus algorithm. With them, it aims to solve problems that existing platforms have such as slow speeds, scalability limitation, and excessive fees and provide a flexible development environment. Moreover, through its Gateway technology, it enhanced its interoperability by allowing projects issuing their tokens through other mainnets to maintain their mainnets while using FLETA chain.

Sendsquare, a foundation that developed FLETA project, was selected as one of the blockchain PoC support projects by the National IT Industry Promotion Agency (NIPA) of the South Korean Government since 2019 and has developed the blockchain-based on-chain clinical data management system (eCRF System) and RWD basic clinical research analysis report platform using blockchain technology.

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About Contentos

Contentos is a decentralized global content ecosystem on a mission to return value to creators and users by bringing transparency to the content platform model. Contentos connects creators, fan communities, and investment communities through blockchain technology and benefits each party with token rewards. COS.TV is Contentos’ video content platform that allows creators to directly interact and earn revenue from their fans through COS tokens. By using the Contentos blockchain, COS.TV allows both creators and supporters to contribute to the COS.TV content ecosystem through their attention and participation in the community. We’re making every act of creation meaningful.

📣Global Telegram (http://t.me/ContentosGlobal)

📣Contentos Twitter (https://twitter.com/contentosio)

📣COS.TV Twitter (https://twitter.com/RealCOSTV)

📣Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ContentosOfficial/)

📣Medium (https://medium.com/contentos-io)

📣Contentos official website (https://www.contentos.io/)


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