FLETA Collaborates With Crust Network for Broader Ecosystem and Market Expansion

FLETA Blockchain
Sep 9 · 2 min read
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We are glad to announce our new partnership with Crust Network, a blockchain-based cloud network project.

Crust Network implements a decentralized cloud blockchain based on Polkadot, a blockchain platform for interoperability. It utilizes Incentive Layer Protocol to establish its own decentralized cloud ecosystem. Cust Network, awarded in Web3 Foundation Grant awards and Sub-State Builder Program, was one of the selected projects of Web3.0 Boot Camp, an incubation program operated by Wanxiang Blockchain, China’s largest blockchain technology company.

Both companies decided to share each other’s core technologies and apply them to their mainnets for mainnet performance. Also, FLETA and Crust Network will build a mainnet ecosystem that connects South Korea and China markets.

FLETA will adopt S3-like Portal of Crust Network to FLETA chain and our use cases. In the case of Crust Network, it will utilize the cloud mining network of FLETA Formulator, which will help completing mainnet launch of Crust Network. Moreover, the companies will share market resources and networks of the markets in Korea and China and later proceed with collaborative projects for promoting FLETA in the Chinese market.

Thank you.


Feel free to join and connect with us through any of our official channels below:


FLETA Store:





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