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Oct 11, 2019 · 3 min read

As we explained in the last article, the Maltese government is putting a lot of effort to develop blockchain industry so that Malta can be known as ‘Blockchain Island’. One of the methods of Malta making itself as a ‘blockchain island’ is blockchain events; DELTA Summit is one of them and it is a blockchain conference of the Maltese government that makes its nation specialized in the area. Therefore, it was able to see the passion and enthusiasm of Maltese people toward the blockchain industry in DELTA Summit event.

Then, what exactly is DELTA Summit?

DELTA Summit is a world-class digital innovation conference that provides a place to the global IT companies for promoting their visions and technologies and discussing business and technical cooperation. The first DELTA Summit was held in 2018 with success bringing more than 4,000 people across the world including Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (a.k.a ‘CZ’), DFJ founder Tim Draper, Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger, Bittrex CSO Kiran Raj, and Tim Byun, OKEX Chief Risk Officer and Head of Government Relations. The summit has served as a platform for entrepreneurs and industry leaders of blockchain and new technology, policymakers and investors to network, learn and exchange insights and business opportunities among participants.

The DELTA Summit 2019 was held from 2nd to 4th October for three days in Malta. In this year, DELTA Summit especially expanded its related fields to many other technologies of the 4th Industrial Revolution such as AR・VR, IoT, and AI. A number of experts and entrepreneurs of various new technology fields including AR・VR, IoT, and AI, not to mention of blockchain industry have participated.

Moreover in DELTA Summit 2019, in cooperation with one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange OKEX, ‘Malta Tech Week’ was also held from 30th September to 4th October. Malta Tech Week consisted of diverse events but also new technology discussions, leadership sessions, award ceremonies, a hackathon, and various networking events.

In the last year’s DELTA Summit, FLETA was just an attendee. However, as time has passed, FLETA showed its presence in the industry; in another blockchain conference of Malta, Malta Blockchain Summit, FLETA had participated as an Official Partner in Asia. In DELTA Summit 2019, FLETA became an Official Strategic Partner in Asia of DELTA Summit. FLETA joined this year’s DELTA Summit with the special invitation from Dr. Abdalla Kablan, founder and Executive Chairman of DELTA Summit.

Dr. Abdalla Kablan, founder and Executive Chairman of DELTA Summit

Participating in DELTA Summit was a great experience and we want to share our experience in the next article.


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