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Mar 16 · 2 min read
Zug, Switzerland where Crypto Valley is located in.

On the 13th of March, FLETA joined Crypto Valley Association.

‘Crypto Valley Association’ is a union that connects blockchain companies, especially those in the Crypto Valley of Switzerland, located mainly in Zug. It also assists blockchain companies setting up in Switzerland.

The Government of Switzerland, which has a friendly approach to the blockchain ecosystem, has succeeded in creating a blockchain city in Zug by establishing about 4,400 blockchain and fintech companies including Ethereum, Cardano, ICON, and Waves.

FLETA has communicated with European blockchain companies and participated in diverse blockchain events in Europe. Through those interactions, FLETA has been networking with blockchain industries of France, Malta, and Switzerland. FLETA especially feels close to Switzerland since it has visited Switzerland many times; FLETA signed a partnership with Swisscom Blockchain, a subsidiary of Swisscom AG, Switzerland’s largest communication company. FLETA also had visited St. Gallen, Switzerland, to participate in Starthack Hackathon. Also, FLETA has visited Trust Square in Zurich and met many figures of the Switzerland blockchain industry.

With its network in Europe, FLETA aims to be a bridge that links the blockchain market between Asia and Europe. FLETA will keep constructing relationships with the European blockchain market to make itself one of the representative blockchain companies in Asia.

Team FLETA is looking forward to our global outcomes.


Feel free to join and connect with us through any of our official channels below:

Website: https://fleta.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fletachain

Telegram: https://t.me/FLETAofficialGroup

Github: https://github.com/fletaio


The Platform for a Sustainable DApp Ecosystem

FLETA Blockchain

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The Platform for a Sustainable DApp Ecosystem (fleta.io)



The Platform for a Sustainable DApp Ecosystem

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