FLETA Launched Wallet Street, a Social Platform!

FLETA Blockchain
Mar 11 · 2 min read

FLETA officially launched Wallet Street, a social data platform for cryptocurrency traders. It is a useful service for traders since they can easily communicate with others and get information about cryptocurrency trading.

Wallet Street allows users to manage their cryptocurrency assets on different exchanges at once. Therefore, they don’t have to log in to each exchange to check their cryptocurrency assets. Currently, Wallet Street provides exchanges such as Binance, Coinbase, Bithumb, Upbit, and Coinone. Other exchanges like Huobi will be further added.

Another interesting service of wallet street is ranking. You can see the ranking of users’ cryptocurrency assets, including yourself. Moreover, you can create and join a particular group and communicate with other traders; by interacting with others, you can have more information freely and actively.

Additionally, in Wallet Street, users can build a building based on their cryptocurrency assets. The more assets you have, the bigger your buildings can be!

There are two events that global users can participate.

1. The lucky box will appear after you create a building. If you win, you will get a $200 worth of BTC!

2. Send a wallet street referral link to all your friends, if your friends win $200 worth of BTC, you will get $100 worth of BTC as well.

Once you win the reward, please write an email to ‘event@walletstreet.io,’ and the prize will be given in a week.

Information in Email should include username, user ID (in profile, every user has own numbers), BTC address, copy of Passport (personal information needs to be covered)

The events last until Mar. 31, 2020, and please participate!


Feel free to join and connect with us through any of our official channels below:

Website: https://fleta.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fletachain

Telegram: https://t.me/FLETAofficialGroup

Github: https://github.com/fletaio


The Platform for a Sustainable DApp Ecosystem

FLETA Blockchain

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The Platform for a Sustainable DApp Ecosystem (fleta.io)



The Platform for a Sustainable DApp Ecosystem

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