FLETA partners with GeoDB to expand our network and ecosystem

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Jan 20 · 3 min read
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We are glad to announce that FLETA signed a partnership agreement with GeoDB, a decentralized peer-to-peer big data sharing ecosystem.

GeoDB is created and developed by GeoDB Blockchain Limited, a London based company. It is an ecosystem sharing decentralized peer-to-peer big data powered by blockchain technology. Since big data is becoming one of the most valuable assets in the world, GeoDB creates bridges between current isolated participants and aims to solve the existing inefficiencies of the huge big data industry.

GeoDB has their own token, so it can be used in their ecosystem. They are building a structure in which the exchange of value between stakeholders is based on the creation of its own token, the GEO token — represents the market value of big data in GeoDB’s marketplace. This structure will make users easier and more secure.

FLETA is a blockchain platform that aims to lead the commercialization of blockchain technology. Its features include a fast speed of 14,000 TPS, low transaction fees, and unlimited scalability. It also signed partnerships and technical agreements with well-known projects such as Chainlink, Neo, Matic Network, and Origin Protocol which broadened the FLETA ecosystem.

FLETA and GeoDB will share their markets and ecosystems through the partnership, expanding their global market presence. Both projects will assist each other to broaden each other’s ecosystem with networks and influences in their nation. Moreover, FLETA plans to advance its DApps by sharing technologies with GeoDB.

Luis Gelado Crespo, CEO of GeoDB, said, “This alliance is one more example of how the connection of networks in the decentralized world can create value for all its participants. This agreement with FLETA allows us to approach a vision in which information flows in a free and fast way, enriching not only industries but also data generators, the users. We can’t wait to start working with FLETA’s team.”

Henry Hong, CEO of FLETA, said, “As both big data and blockchain are important technologies in the 4th industrial revolution, FLETA’s technology will contribute to GeoDB’s goal, improving the big data industry.” He also added, “We expect to expand our ecosystem in Europe through the partnership with GeoDB, and improve FLETA’s data system through GeoDB’s big data ecosystem.”



FLETA is a blockchain platform that aims to offer infrastructure that can be applied to real-world business models. FLETA has its own core blockchain technologies like Level Tree Validation, Parallel Sharding, Independent multi-chain Structure, Block Redesign, and PoF(Proof-of-Formulation) which is its own consensus algorithm. With them, it aims to solve problems that existing platforms have such as slow speeds, scalability limitation, and excessive fees and provides a flexible development environment. Moreover, through its Gateway technology, it enhanced its interoperability by allowing projects issuing their tokens through other mainnets to maintain their mainnets while using the FLETA chain.

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About GeoDB

GeoDB is a decentralized peer-to-peer big data sharing ecosystem, which returns value to its creators, the users. GeoDB creates bridges between current isolated participants and aims to solve the existing inefficiencies of the huge big data industry.

Users receive GEO tokens in exchange for their anonymous data, which can later be exchanged for FIAT money or other crypto-currencies or, once we launch our full network, use it to acquire goods and services.

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Geocash app: downloads.geodb.com


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