FLETA Token Distribution Event

FLETA, the platform for sustainable DApp ecosystem, appreciates the continuous support from our community members and partners who have joined our journey from our very first beginning.

FLETA is aiming to provide the most developer-friendly infrastructure to developers, which leads to blockchain adoptions in our everyday life. In March 2019, we launched the beta testnet running 36 nodes across the world and successfully achieved 10,000 TPS on average on 6 core CPU. We can also confirm that our core technologies including Independent Multi-chain Structure and PoF Observer Nodes are operating smoothly on the testnet.

Along with our technology development, we have also enhanced our brand presence in a start-up and IT scene. FLETA participated in the START HACK, one of the most entrepreneurial hackathon, as a case partner and proved our technology capabilities. In this event, FLETA was the only blockchain startup among international corporates including Swisscom, Volvo, Bosch loT Lab, and SBB CFF.

As we are preparing another important stepping stone for growth — exchange listing and mainnet launch — we would like to announce that we are ready for FLETA token distribution from today.

FLETA Token Economy

We understand that the value of FLETA token means a lot to our token holders. We have made and will make our full efforts to increase our token values as much as we can.

Considering changes in the blockchain landscape and our business objectives, we decided to issue 2 billion FLETA tokens. We also specified the categories usage such as Reserve Fund, Ecosystem Building, and adjusting the number of tokens by the categories, in order to increase the transparency of our token economy.

For more details on the FLETA token economy, please refer to our latest version of business whitepaper: https://fleta.io/download/190426_Buisness_Whitepaper_EN_web.pdf

Token Distribution Guidance

We completed KYC & AML procedures for early-stage investors and private & public sale participants; we will conduct the FLETA token distribution to these investors from 27 May 2019.

We are going to distribute FLETA tokens to the participants of our airdrop events and bounty campaigns after the KYC & AML processes:

  • As per the regulatory compliance of Singapore, FLETA Pte. Ltd. are prohibited from distributing FLETA tokens to the citizens of the U.S, Canada, and China.
  • FLETA team never directly contact or DM our community member. We do not send out a personal message via email, Kakao Talk or Telegram messages. Please be aware of scams and phishing.

How to Receive FLETA Tokens

FLETA tokens are issued based on Ethereum for now and our token swaps to the FLETA-based tokens will be conducted after our mainnet launch. You can receive your FLETA tokens to your public Ethereum Wallet address with which were provided us during the KYC, and supports ERC20 tokens.

If you participated in our token sales through TokenBank or CoinUs, the FLETA tokens will be automatically distributed to your personal Ethereum wallet which you registered at the time of participation.

Otherwise, add FLETA to the MyEtherWaltet(MEW) or MetaMask, one of the most popular ERC 20 token wallets. Please refer to the following instructions to add the FLETA tokens:

  1. Add FLETA Token to MyEtherWallet(MEW)

1) Go to MyEtherWallet(https://www.myetherwallet.com/) and click on ‘Access My Wallet.’

2) Click ‘MEWconnect’.

3) Download the app and scan the QR code.

4) Click ‘+Custom Tokens’ on the right side of the website.

5) Enter the following information as shown below:

  • Token Contract Address: 0x7788D759F21F53533051A9AE657fA05A1E068fc6
  • Token Symbol: FLETA
  • Decimals of Precision: 18

6) You can see FLETA on the list!

2. Add FLETA Token to METAMASK

1) Visit METAMASK(https://metamask.io) with Google Chrome and install METAMASK extension program.

2) After installation, click the fox icon on the right corner of the screen (METAMASK extension program) to log in.

3) Click the menu on the left.

4) Click on ‘Add token’ on the bottom.

5) Click ‘Custom Token’ tab and enter the following information:

  • Token Contract Address: 0x7788D759F21F53533051A9AE657fA05A1E068fc6
  • Token Symbol: FLETA
  • Decimals of Precision: 18

6) Click ‘Add Tokens’ and you can see FLETA in your METAMASK wallet.

Next Step of FLETA

FLETA recently has signed the partnership with Ledger to manage our tokens with enhanced security capabilities through Ledger Vault service. We also achieved a quite high score of smart contract security from the leading blockchain audit firm Certik. Beginning with this cooperation, we will continuously cooperate with leading companies to enhance security capabilities of FLETA platform and our DApps.

While we are planning to launch our mainnet in July, we aim to create the developer-friendly and user-friendly environments. Because our ultimate goal is to let developers create and execute their business models which deliver positive values to our real-life, fully utilising the FLETA platform. As a blockchain company with our own core technologies, FLETA will do best to be a core infrastructure for blockchain technology in our everyday life.

We are fully aware that where our tokens are listed is highly related to the future value of FLETA tokens. Thus, from our first exchange listing, we will closely work with exchanges that can enhance not only our values but also our ecosystem.

The distribution of FLETA tokens is a monumental moment of our journey. Thank you to all the community members who have trusted and supported us since the FLETA’s foundation.

We look forward to your continuous support for us to contribute to this blockchain ecosystem as a leading global blockchain platform.

Best regards,