FLETA Blockchain
Aug 12 · 3 min read

The FLETA project was launched in February 2018 and has undergone many innovations since then. The project first created its architecture, then tested them and finally came on the market. The project, which is currently listed in GDAC, Digifinex, and Bitsonic. The team, which strengthens its team day by day, has recently become stronger with the agreement with the renowned software developer Parker Park. The company, which creates the blockchain infrastructure for each project and also builds the infrastructure of the DApps, wants to be a Google Play or Apple Store for the blockchain.

Let’s take a closer look at what the project has been doing since 2018:

2018 — Q4 — Alpha Testnet

The above test has been conducted with 10 Formulators, 5 Observers, and 16 Nodes consisting of 2 Transaction Generators. The test was conducted using a 4-Core CPU, 8GB Memory and VPS with 20GB SSD.

The above graph is the TPS test outcome on the FLETA’s Alpha Testnet and It remains at 10,000 TPS with stability.

2019 — Q1 — Beta Testnet

This testnet release marks an important milestone for FLETA as the first step of their project toward a mainnet and as a monumental landmark on their technology road map.

Testnet overview:

No. of Chains: 2

No. of Formulators: 42

Peak TPS: Maximum 20,000

Testnet: testnet.fleta.io

Block Explorer: https://explorer.fleta.io/

Open Source GitHub Code

To go along with the launch of FLETA’s testnet, their code is now officially open to the public for viewing through GitHub.

2019 — Q3 — Mainnet (COMPLETED)

A genesis block was created on 23 July at 01:39:21 according to FLETA dev. team.

As of July 23, FLETA passed its own blockchain. But we cannot say that the tokens are in swap operation.

The greatest value of this news will probably be for miners. After that, those who want to do mining in FLETA can use FLETA Portal.

Mining Schedule & Mining Portal Launch

· FLETA mining officially began from 22 July 2019, 22:00 KST.

· For flawless operation, the mining portal will be officially launched on 29 July 2019. However, mining rewards are given from 22 July 2019 22:00 KST when FLETA genesis block is created.

For Formulators: The maintenance fee of Formulator is waived from 22 July to 21 August; the fee is covered by FLETA.

What is Next?

After moving to Mainnet, FLETA aims to publish both the Web and Android wallet. Web wallet is has been opened since 10 August and Android wallet is scheduled to be published on 19 August.

In this way, users can carry out mining operations and other cryptocurrency transactions through these wallets.

The wallet will not only store cryptocurrencies but will also offer its users various features.

You will be able to use these wallets to mining, access DApps, play games and take advantage of other investment opportunities.

Original writer: Taygun Dogan


Feel free to join and connect with us through any of our official channels below:

Website: https://fleta.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/fletachain

Telegram: https://t.me/FLETAofficialGroup

Github: https://github.com/fletaio


The Platform for a Sustainable DApp Ecosystem

FLETA Blockchain

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The Platform for a Sustainable DApp Ecosystem

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