Sendsquare Cooperates with Medical 4th Chain to Develop DApp

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Feb 16 · 2 min read
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We are glad to announce that Sendsquare signed the partnership with Medical 4th Chain (M4th), the blockchain-based medical data platform. Through this partnership, we expect to support M4th to develop the blockchain-based medical data market and consult the blockchain business and its network service.

M4th is a blockchain-based medical data project to prevent all kinds of disease, not just to cure them. It has the most human microbial DNA data and uses those data to develop medicine, cooperate with medical organizations, and so on. Now they are trying to manage the data through blockchain technology securely and transparently, and the users can predict their inherited disease and own their health data. M4th also tries to have their own tokens which include data of DNA and these will be used in their DNA data market.

M4th is one of the organizations that resolve the Covid19 test problem in the beginning — a high cost or low accuracy. Also, M4th is developing a test kit for pets by collecting data of pets disease, virus, etc., so it can help people easily to test their pets’ diseases at low cost and at home.

FLETA is a blockchain platform with a fast speed of 14,000 TPS, low transaction fees, and unlimited scalability. It also signed partnerships and technical agreements with well-known projects such as Heart Number, NFUP, STPL, ISTARDUST, Handy, etc., which broadened the FLETA ecosystem. We helped them to start, promote and accelerate their projects in blockchain technology.

Through this partnership, we expect to support the M4th to develop their DApp with our experiences and expertise, and to join in the FLETA’s DApp ecosystem. It will help a lot in our life, especially at this time with Covid19. We also expect to have another use case in the medical system to show that blockchain technology is very useful.


Feel free to join and connect with us through any of our official channels below:






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