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Flexa is now carbon-neutral

Sharing the steps we’ve taken to mitigate our climate impact and our commitment to achieve net zero emissions by 2025

Flexa is now a carbon-negative payments network

Many companies work to achieve carbon neutrality by estimating their current-year emissions in terms of tons of carbon dioxide equivalents (tCO₂e), and then purchasing carbon offsets that help remove that same amount of carbon emissions from the atmosphere—in effect, canceling out the emissions they plan to produce by investing in activities that can offset those emissions. At Flexa, we believe that offsets are an important tool to help reduce the overall climate impact of industrial activities, and that investing in a diverse portfolio of carbon offsets backed by various technologies is an important first step toward reducing that impact now and in the future.

  • Flexa payment activities on the blockchain were—as expected—the largest driver of our impact, coming in at 65% of our total emissions.
  • The secondary drivers of our climate impact included air travel (18% of our total emissions), computer hardware (4%), and lodging (4%).

Flexa will achieve net-zero emissions by 2025

However, even to the scale that Flexa has pursued it, carbon neutrality will not be a sufficient strategy for reversing the course of climate change on Earth. We are recognizing the need to look further—beyond the scope of carbon offsets and toward a net-zero emissions future, in which all businesses and individuals are limiting their overall emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) to the greatest extent possible while continuing to ensure a net-negative GHG impact on the environment.

  • Flexa may look to establish remote work and travel policies that are consistent with our climate goals, such as providing green benefits to employees that include subsidies for household solar panels and batteries.
  • Flexa may work to sponsor and solicit initiatives that eliminate the overall climate impact of our payments and their underlying distributed ledgers.

Net-zero emissions is a critical target for the blockchain and payments industries

Limiting the impact of climate change requires commitment from all of us. We’re well aware that Flexa’s current carbon impact—and therefore, our offset effort—is relatively small compared to that of the more established companies in the industries in which we participate. This is where we need your help. While Flexa aspires to continue scaling our carbon removal efforts in order to eventually effect a meaningful and outsized impact relative to our peers, we’re also looking to help make carbon removal activities easier and more accessible for those very same companies.



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