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Zcash is live on Flexa

We’ve added ZEC to the Flexa network, and are joining Electric Coin Company in support of the Crypto Community Project.

Aug 1, 2019 · 2 min read

Flexa and Electric Coin Company (ECC) are proud to announce that Zcash (ZEC) is now supported on the Flexa network, becoming the sixth digital asset accepted by Flexa merchants across the United States.

The addition of Zcash to our network is particularly meaningful to the Flexa team, because ECC’s objective to empower everyone with economic freedom and opportunity aligns so closely with our own mission of making payments more efficient and accessible for people around the world.

Therefore, we’re also delighted to join together with ECC, Gemini, and Casa in support of the Crypto Community Project in the South Bronx neighborhood of New York City. Founded by high school teacher Carlos Acevedo, the Crypto Community Project aims to increase awareness of cryptocurrency-related technologies and improve adoption in underserved communities.

As part of the project, Flexa is sponsoring Zcash credits for all students participating in the program, and will provide access to Flexa’s SPEDN wallet app on iOS and Android to enable one-tap spending at nearly one hundred locations in the South Bronx and tens of thousands more nationwide.

“Financial inclusion requires that anyone can transact freely,” said Zooko Wilcox, CEO of ECC. “I’m so happy that Flexa and Electric Coin Company share a common mission, and that Flexa are now enabling people to use Zcash to meet their daily needs.”

After all, while it’s true that only 81% of American adults own a smartphone, the unfortunate reality is that even more Americans are excluded from card or app payments altogether—whether because of age, ethnicity, or financial status. By enabling instant, cryptocurrency-backed payments for goods and services without the use of bank accounts or credit cards, Flexa aims to help resolve this inequality. Now, together with ECC and the Crypto Community Project, we’re enabling more people to develop and attain personal financial ownership and responsibility… and proving that cryptocurrency truly can create financial inclusion and empowerment.

Look out for more updates about the Crypto Community Project and Flexa and ECC’s partnership over the coming weeks, and download the latest version of the SPEDN app for iOS or Android (beta) today to #SpendZcash yourself at any Flexa-enabled merchant.


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