📢 Who got 2019’s marketing predictions right — and absolutely wrong? 👀

Jan 24 · 1 min read

🔹 “Am I too cynical about ‘predictions for 2019’ posts? More than a few seem to conflate a company’s own hopes/goals with prognostications about what the market will do independent of them. Is it snarky to ask, ‘How did your predictions for 2018 work out?’”

🔹 So tweeted Scott Brinker — HubSpot’s platform ecosystem vice president and the editor of the Chief Marketing Technologist blog — in late 2018, a few months before David ‘Shingy’ Shing left his ‘digital prophet’ role at Verizon Media.

📌 As far as we know, no one else has hired Shingy for a similar job. The news may have placed a dark cloud over the predictions industry. After all, what if those forecasts are largely useless? I cannot help but wonder if Shingy’s departure this year will herald the arrival of more common sense in the marketing industry.

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