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Are you one of them?

Aren't you the intimidator?

Shame on your own words that spine.

Are you using others to climb pretending you're enabling them yet you demolish their genuine actions of love?

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Manipulation occurs when we use others to get what we want.

People become a means to an end.

Tools to serve our self-centered desires.

Those who manipulate show themselves in form of bribery, flattery, deception, cheating, seduction, lying, and taking advantage of others.

When we try to manipulate.

When we tell them that we’ll do something for them that they show us a sign or signal of negative advances.

Always do that for them only if they do this for us.

When we see our needs and wants as a top priority.

We begin to feel entitled.

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We lie we are in control and think others exist to serve us.
Lies and deception, but manipulation break the greatest commandment to love others as we love ourselves.

Love and manipulation cannot co-exist.

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Taking advantage of others for your benefit is manipulation.

A manipulator tries to gain things at others' expense.

Deceiving someone to get what we want or to make ourselves look good is manipulation.

If we find ourselves twisting the truth to get what we want.

We are probably being manipulative.

Cheating is often a form of manipulation.

It is a plan to take something we don’t deserve because we feel entitled to it.

These are the changes that occur in our landscape of fairness.

Hypocrisy is when what we say doesn’t match what we do which is a form of manipulation.

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We pretend to be better people than we are to get something we want to be done.

If we need to put on a façade for others.

When they have a likelihood that we are being manipulative.

Some use intimidation as a strategy of manipulation.

When the manipulator can’t entice.

They might invest or result in intimidation or pressure others into submission.

They try to ensure there is isolation which is often a form of manipulation.

We should be cautious when someone tries to isolate us from facing the truth while impacting those who are close to us.

Regardless of those who have no clue who is acting like a frying pan attempting on wrenching the truth to suit your rotten self.

This is a sheer fear of living a lie as it is an intentional attempt to manipulate other people or not.

This can instigate a dangerous impact on our faith.

Emotional pressure, nagging, and guilt are often used to manipulate.

If we use these weapons.

Are we guilty of manipulation?

Instead of these, self-control, encouragement, and forgiveness should be our tools for building relationships.

Flattery is often used to manipulate.

It can be difficult to tell the difference between a sincere compliment and a false one.

This is why we tend to be so vulnerable to flattery disguised as compliments.

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Pride makes us particularly susceptible to flattery.

Essentially, when manipulated into things that are endangering those who trusted advisors, because of their pride they feel you are in their space.

There is true love and truth in uniformity and there is a big difference between flattery and encouragement.

Encouragement finds the good in others and inspires them to do greater good.

Flattery says what makes others happy with the rest of us who figures out and not necessarily what is true or untrue.

It is better to inspire a friend with hard truths than leave them relinquished with gentle lies.

Bribery is a dangerous form of manipulation.

The reason is that it seems well-intentioned.

Sometimes we try to avoid being an awkward rejection of a gift.

We simply take it or distance ourselves from such actions of demeaning others.

But gifts and other benefits tap into our natural and good desire to respond in kind.

Which is judgment at a deep yet subtle level.

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Beware of false friendships and who come as disguised as harmless sheep but they are the real wolves that will tear your strength and suck all the energy apart.

False friends and false teachers are manipulators.

They pretend to have good news for others.

Nevertheless, they are seeking to bring dishonesty and disharmony from our side and ensure you stand alone in the field of the devilish battlefield.

Their selfishness and dishonesty of manipulation are directly opposed to the self-giving love and trust necessary for long-lasting, healthy relationships.

The main goal is that they will be encouraged and knit together by strong ties of love.

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We argue that we have full confidence because they have a complete understanding of the secret plan.

Which is the truth in our lives.

In manipulating intellect untruths, there are hidden agendas for all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge.

I stand corrected by telling you this so that no one will be able to deceive you with persuasive arguments.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know everyone’s motives before they talked to you in a trailer about the negative effects on signals of a deadly catastrophic waiting to happen?

While that is just a dream.

There are considerable ways to better discern people’s motives.

The ultimate manual for understanding human character is through their invaluable time in manufacturing and refurbishing the point of their action.

The more you know about this and its utterance, the more you will be able to recognize the real character in others.

This is a wake-up call in helping you discern whether people are trying to help or manipulate you.

We often think the opposite of fear is bravery, but the truth tells us love casts out fear.


Dangers and pleasure mixed together trying to make each or break each other in the name of love.

Love doesn’t deny the danger.

Care for it doesn’t deny the loss, but love perseveres because what it loves is worth the cost.

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When we love ourselves and others, we will be willing to take great risks for them.

When we recognize deep love for us.

We will be confident in guidance and protection, even in our troubles.

We are called to be discerning, and we are called to be pure, but we are not called to be cynical.

A cynical person sees the worst in others and avoids vulnerability.

Their cynical activities will be unfolded in front our your own eyes.

A wise and loving person watches for warning signs but believes love is worth the risk.


Softening others up to get what we want.

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This destroys most relationships because it puts deceit and pretenses above trust.

This leaves a path of broken trust and hurt.

Dishonest gain is temporary.

The “fool’s gold” of wealth gained by the manipulation of other people may have a momentary sweetness.

Remember it leaves a permanent or eternal bitterness.

Manipulation is ultimately self-destruction without comprehending the wounds they leave in others.

Because you have lived in disillusionment.

Understanding others means you are ready to comprehend, compromise and set a table and discuss these things you are afraid of.

Face your demons and be yourself once again.

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Manipulators deceive themselves but in the long run, they keep thinking that their selfishness wins the game of life the leaders and the buddies will be the first to feel the wrath of others and conclusion that others don't have a right to live happily.

You have ruined so many promising lives, which stands against all the actions that have led to animosity and explicitly and eminent the threat to others.

You manipulator you have taken advantage and violated the rights of the poor, filling your barns with grain extorted from helpless people.

Taking advantage of others shows a lack of respect for others and results in the evolution of a manipulative personality.

Goodness does not manipulate people because integrity outshines the nature of your evils and would not permit using others to climb your professional and spiritual life.

They say they are the holy shot, just, perfect, generous, and all-powerful.

They don't give people the choice to deliberate or examine and do whatever they do will, or disobey and suffer the consequences.

The choice is ultimately ours, but we may sometimes motivate further see a benefit to doing the right selection of whom we choose to let in our lives.

We must obey either God or Satan.

Good Or Evil.

God guides.

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Satan manipulates.

When we were freed from the manipulation of sin and evil.

May he produce in you, through the power of the verity all those utterances that are pleasing to other people?

If you are accorded the due respect by others.

Why manipulate others to fulfill your selfish gains?

We obey when we have the desire to obey others. We do the adequate to uplift and equip others.

We are not puppets on strings, manipulated by a divine puppeteer, but rather motivated to put our lives in line with God because that is what is best for us.

God provides circumstances to show us how best to obey and serve him.

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Manipulation means controlling another person in an unworthy manner.

God, as all-loving and perfect, is worthy in all aspects of life and relationships.

God guides and disciplines us, but he never manipulates us.

If you plot evil,

You will be lost;

but if you plan well,

You will be granted unfailing love and faithfulness.

Be straightforward.

Stand with the fact.

Respect those who are close to you.

Don't slide or flip the cards.

Change your evil ways.

Be happy with those who let you enjoy the peace.



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