7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Freelancer

In today’s globalized world economy, where profits are paramount and customer is king, companies are increasingly engaged in beefing up their bottomline through leaner operations and tailored customer service offerings. In such a business context, freelancers are an important asset and often the difference between businesses in the green and red. How can they have such a positive impact you ask?

Below are the key benefits of recruiting freelancers:

1. Bottom-line Impact — With employee costs, comprising salaries and the associated perks, taking up a sizeable share of a company’s fixed costs, freelancing serves as an attractive cost-effective alternative. In a mature market (like the US), companies can save up to 20–30 per cent in employee costs and benefits by hiring freelancers — a stat highly relevant to the burgeoning start-up ecosystem in India.

Hiring a freelancer makes economic sense

2. Reliable and Timely Delivery — A freelancer has to rely on his/her reputation to win projects and is therefore incentivised to ensure a high quality of work each time. Further, given the right screening process for freelancers, companies can rest assured about the success of their project.

(Flexiple customers: Please relax. Each freelancer on our platform is vetted through a comprehensive 3-staged screening process)

3. Specialization and Efficiency — Hiring a freelancer allows a firm to choose an expert for each project. Also, in certain cases, when the recruiter lacks expertise in a particular field, a freelancer presents a more cost and time-efficient substitute of recruitment.

4. Flexibility — Asking your employees to adhere to a strict schedule when they are more comfortable in having flexibility only leads to dissatisfaction for both parties. Freelancers generally align their work times based on self-comfort. Therefore, the right fit and expectation setting between the recruiter and the freelancer enables flexibility in work with respect to timing, location and hiring periods.

Freelancing allows control over both earnings and work-life balance

5. Fresh Perspective — Besides their skillsets, freelancers bring a fresh take to approach a stagnant problem. Their position outside the company’s core ecosystem could yield innovative solutions for the client.

6. Widen Global Footprint — Asset-light companies, like emerging web-based startups, while launching operations abroad, seek a deeper understanding of the local market and the customer. Recruiting local freelancers is a safer bet than engaging existing employees or setting up an elaborate and costly recruitment drive in a foreign country.

7. Untapped Talent Pool — Recruiters of freelancers gain access into two growing albeit untapped segments of the market — women and retired professionals. A large segment of skilled women and retired professionals in India — constrained by familial, social and health issues — can now be accessed, thanks to growing internet and smartphone penetration. Specifically, retired professionals score with their valuable service experience during assignments.

The rapidly growing freelancing market holds huge promise for emerging startups since it provide these recruiters with the much-needed bottom-line cushion, flexibility, leanness and efficiency. These benefits are pertinent for companies in pursuit of better defining their service offerings, sharpening their business focus and establishing a sustainable business model- hence, ALL.