6 Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a Virtual Office

A Virtual Office Can Boost Your Business If Chosen Rightly

Abhilash Bhatia


Things to keep in mind while choosing a Virtual Office

This is a quick guide to few things you should keep in mind while choosing a Virtual Office Address.

A Virtual Office is a flexible office solution that is very trendy among all sizes of businesses. There used to be a time when only small businesses and startups used to take virtual offices but not anymore. It is creating its demand among big enterprises as well.

As we already know, a virtual office is not your physical office but a flexible and affordable office solution that gives all the benefits of a traditional physical office and also adds some other advantages to it. It is cost-effective and generates high value that is why many businesses are opting for virtual offices nowadays.

Since many businesses want to opt for a virtual office to reduce their overall cost and gain access to other benefits, there are few things you should keep in mind before making the final decision about your virtual office address.

Here are 6 things to consider while choosing a virtual office:

1. Prime Location

Choosing the right location is very important because it builds the reputation and authenticity of the business and its owners. You should always look for a prestigious location that can add some benefits to your business. This location should be easily accessible to you and your clients which means it should have good connectivity.

Instead of taking a virtual office near your home, you should always consider some prime location. It doesn’t matter if it is far from your home because you won’t be going there daily but in some cases, you would want to have your virtual office near your home. It depends on the nature and requirements of your business. But having a good prime location will surely help your business.

2. Images of the Office

Not many people bother to visit the office space while choosing the virtual office because it is not required to present there physically for all those formalities. All the things get done through emails. And ultimately they end up having their virtual office at some Consultant's office or CA’s office. It is quite common.

We understand it is not required to visit the office but you should definitely look into the few images of the office. It will give you an idea of which kind of office setup is it. If you can visit to see the office personally, there is nothing better than that but images will also work. This way you can get assured that your office is at some good location with a reputable vendor.

3. Meeting Rooms and Office Access

Meeting Room at FlexiSpaces
Meeting Room at FlexiSpaces

As we know the virtual office is not your physical office but you can get some physical access to the office as well. You can ask your virtual office provider to give you some access to meeting rooms and office space.

It means whenever you have a meeting with your client or your business partners, you can ask your virtual office provider to book your slot in your virtual office and you can use the meeting rooms. You can also use the workstations in the office. Your provider might ask you to pay for the same. But you can also ask them to give you some free access as a complimentary service. You should always ask for this while choosing your virtual office.

4. Price & Payment Terms

This is the most important factor while deciding on your virtual office address. Many people avoid prime locations just because they are quite expensive. Well, yes prime locations are expensive compared to other locations. But after doing some research, you can find very competitive prices which you don’t want to miss.

You should also check out the payment terms. Many providers provide virtual office services with quarterly and half-yearly payment options. It gives you more power and you can easily choose your desired location.

5. Hidden Costs

Usually, it is a one-time payment for a virtual office which you have to make upfront and there are no hidden charges involved with it but it is no harm to ask your provider for the same. You don’t want to pay some extra bucks for some service which you have availed thinking it’s complimentary. So, it’s better to ask your provider about it clearly so that you don’t have to pay any extra money which you are not aware of.

6. Renewal Terms

This is one important thing. Before signing your virtual office contract you should read about the renewal terms mentioned in the Renewal Clause in the contract.

Usually, there is a 5% or 10% escalation at the time of renewal which is clearly mentioned in the contract. But many people don’t look into it and then at the time of renewal they get confused about the increased price. You should clearly read the renewal terms and not just renewal terms but all the clauses of the contract. Your provider can waive off this escalation amount if you negotiate with them at the time of signing up.

So, these are the few things that everyone should keep in mind while looking for a virtual office and before making the final decision. We have plenty of virtual office options at FlexiSpaces and we would love to assist you regarding any kind of Virtual Office queries. You can reach us out at vo@flexispaces.com or +917428669889.