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Benefits of Virtual Office for Startups

As a startup, it is very important to make the right kind of the first impression. This means getting the right office address at the right place, professional staff, presentation of your products in a right manner and list goes on… It includes huge costs and a ton of time and effort to make everything just right. But, what if all the basic things are already placed in the right manner and you just have to focus on building the right product which can solve the purpose of your client and ultimately helps you grow. Yes, it is possible if you opt for Virtual Office.

The concept of Virtual Office is something with the help of which all types of businesses can get maximum benefits. In these ever-changing working environments, virtual offices are being used more than ever before.

A Virtual Office is basically an Office Address that is not physically yours, yet you can get all the benefits of physical office space. This means getting all the benefits of traditional office space with very little costing involved. Isn’t it amazing?

Let’s understand the benefits of Virtual Office keeping in mind the working conditions/situations of mostly Startups.

Premium Office Address

It is one of the major challenges for a startup to have a good office space but due to lack of financial stability, not everyone can start their business at such a premium location. But now it is possible. You can choose any location you want to start your business and that too at a very low cost. Usually, office rentals include high costs, and then there are electricity charges, maintenance, internet charges, and other office expenses. But when you opt for Virtual Office, you will have to pay a few thousand bucks only and you can use the premium office address for your business registration, open your bank account, communication address, mailing address, and what not?

Dedicated Professional Receptionist

Yes, you get reception support as well. A dedicated professional receptionist is always there to greet your clients, business partners, and anyone else who comes to visit you. So this way, when someone is always there to meet people on your behalf, it will increase trust and your brand authenticity and ultimately helps you to grow even faster at the initial stages of your business. And the best part is you don’t have to pay even a single penny for this. It comes with the package of Virtual Office.

Access to Meeting Rooms / Conference Rooms

Usually, when you are doing a startup, you are going to meet a lot of people in those early days. You need to meet your business partners, your clients, meeting with internal staff, etc. and it goes on. Sometimes it becomes a headache to book the meeting rooms every time. But with a virtual office, you get access to meeting rooms/conference rooms. It is as easy as making a phone call to book your meeting room. You can simply ask your virtual office provider to book the slot for you and it's done. You can also ask them for any other requirements if there are any.

Dedicated Call Handling Service

You can also ask your virtual office provider for a dedicated call handling service. You can use a dedicated no. available at your virtual office address which you can use as your official contact number. Although your virtual office provider may charge some extra amount for this, it's something you can pay for. A dedicated phone line will be there which will be directed to you. So whenever anyone tries to reach you on that phone line, they will reach you directly. It is one of the features of a virtual office with the help of which you can get maximum benefit.

Mail Handling Service

Mail handling service means you can use the address for communication purposes and to receive all your couriers, packages, mails, etc. Your virtual office provider will receive all your letters, couriers, etc., and inform you in real-time. You can even ask them to forward those letters to your address or simply you can go there anytime and collect them by yourself. Many small or medium-sized businesses take virtual offices just to use the premium commercial office address for their communication purpose and get the benefits of mail handling services.

Nowadays, not only startups but many small, medium, and even multinational companies are also opting for virtual offices. It helps them reducing their cost and increasing their presence since you can take the virtual office to more than one location. It increases their brand authenticity and ultimately helps them in growing at a good pace. I hope, the above information helps you in understanding the benefits of taking virtual office.

At Flexispaces, we have a team of professionals who are experts in their fields and dedicated to providing you all the support in choosing the right virtual office address for your business. You can reach us on vo@flexispaces.com or +917428669889.



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