Our team was recently contacted to carry out a redesign project for LRNKEY, an online learning marketplace for individual tutoring. Digital communication made online learning a new reality for those who have difficult schedules or accessibility problems. The recent COVID limitations we are all familiar with took our digital lives, and learning, to a whole new level.

E-learning has become a fast-growing industry, especially in view of the pandemic, with millions of users worldwide. According to Forbes, the online education market will grow to $350 billion by 2025. …

Our team at Flexy Global likes to have all their tasks and projects out in the open, easy to coordinate and plan. Over time, we learned that clarity is most important to successfully complete a project.

Recently, we were asked to redesign a task management tool, the RAPID Platform. Although we all actively use a number of different productivity tools, our team had a list of questions to answer before moving forward:

How is the platform used?

  • What problems does the platform have and why?
  • What are the opportunities?
  • What are the business’s objectives?
  • And, what do we want to…

By Garik Avetisyan, Co-founder at Flexy Global

Recruitment processes can be hectic, especially for a fast growing business. Before looking for experienced or talented specialists, you first need to have a good idea about who you need for a job to be done. This can sometimes be tricky because some professions can be easily confused.

For example, I was always involved in the product aspect of business. Back when I first stepped on my startup journey, I wondered “who is it that we need? A Product Designer or a UI/UX designer?”

Our Work Process From Day 1

Sleep app design next to CRM redesign and Jaguar app redesign

Every project is a new opportunity to show our excellency in design. This time we get the opportunity to bring all of our passion and experience in designing a sleep app. Our client desired to have a sleep sounds app and our task was to come up with a genuine design for that. The client shared his idea of the app, their development team was ready to realize it, but a piece of puzzle was missing. …

by Garik Avetisyan, Co-Founder at Flexy Global

What do you do in online shops before dropping an item in the Cart? Let us imagine that you find the item you desire online and it has the highest ratings, with thorough and positive reviews from 1001 people. Would you buy it? Yes, right?

Now, what if that very same item had a 5-star rating, but did not have the exact color or material you wanted; but, still highly praised over all other options. Would you still buy it? Probably yes.

By Nastya Saroka, Art Director and Co-founder at Flexy Global

An ordinary weekday, nothing was breaking my office routine when my business partner decided to prove that dreams really do come true. He bought a Jaguar car and was pleased with it every waking day. Yet, something was off. After some use, he could not help but mention how odd the Jaguar app looked and functioned. It took some time to get used to and still I heard him sigh after every other ride.

Being perfectionists at work, and in life, we decided to take a look at the app…

What could be more exciting for a design agency than a new project to work on?

Our team at Flexy Global recently received a request to re-design a custom-made CRM software interface and assist with designing new functionality. What was the aim of the project? By doing this, the client had in mind to improve their team interaction, shorten the learning curve of new recruits, and make the system more intuitive. As it often happens, one design project leads onto ongoing cooperation with a client. …

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