Zapier makes Flic control over 500 web apps — a walkthrough

Did you know Flic can control over 500 apps using Zapier?

Flic is live on Zapier since a while ago and is used by heaps of Flicers every day. Chances are, if you thought about anything you want to do with Flic that is not yet available in the Flic App, you can do it with Zapier.

Say, for example, that you want to click a Flic in your car every time you see something interesting on your roadtrip. You need to save the time and position of each click into a Google spreadsheet.

Here is a walkthrough of how to set that up.

Set up your Flic

Set up Zapier for Flic

Now, head to Zapier and create an account. Once logged in, time to make a Zap!

Set up your Zapier Action

Now your Flic is connected to Zapier! Time to decide what will actually happen when you click that Flic. Feel free to explore the Zapbook for over 500 different apps and endless possibilities.

Every time Flic ic clicked, Flic provides Zapier with four data points you can use in your Zaps:

  • Clicked At -Date and time of the click
  • Click Type — Click, double click or hold.
  • Longitude — optional GPS coordinate
  • Latitude — optional GPS coordinate

The longitude and latitude data is provided if you select “Send location data” in the Flic App.

To finish off my example of populating a Google spreadsheet, here is how to continue:

Select Google Sheets as an Action App

Go and create a new spreadsheet in Google Drive. I named mine “Flic Presses” and added three column headers: Pressed At, Longitude and Latitude.

Select your spreadsheet and add the Flic data to each of the columns:

That’s it! Make sure to turn your Zap ON in the top of the last screen:

Thanks for reading and if you find something fun, make sure to share your creativity in the Flic User stories section.


Originally published at on April 17, 2016.

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