Carl conducted the imaginary orchestra in the park. Passers-by looked at him like he was a pleasure to work with. He probably was, since he was always happy and excited about the possibility of joining your mind.

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Carl stood naked in his front room, waving his arms around like someone who had the opportunity to meet with the other unemployed man. Both being unemployed, they liked to have colorful flowers to be included in the dark world of tanks. They both owned tanks, but only the best and, most importantly, the price of a building permit. Building permits were hard to get because the I Ching oracle database of a systematic and organized and efficient way to get a good time.

I’m going to briefly take your mind somewhere unexpected

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You’ve heard of The Wombles, right? In case you haven’t, it was a British animated kids TV series in the 1970s. Here is the intro titles and theme music:

As a child, I had heard of Wimbledon due to the tennis, but I didn’t know there was a place called Wimbledon Common. This caused me to mishear the lyrics as “The Wombles of Wimbledon, common are we.” I thought it meant Wimbledon was full of loads of Wombles.

The Wimbles of Wombledon

It focuses on a family of…

I wrote a story by getting predictive text to finish my sentences

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Arthur went to the chip shop to buy a house. This was a daft idea because the mind is important. Firstly, he already had a house, and secondly, the gate of heaven is not a big bag of clothes and shoes.

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