Dress Flair. Dress Flinket.

Change has always been the definition of human existence. From early men eating raw meat to Wright brothers with amazingly sophisticated invention of airplane to Alan Turing with idea of stored-program computer to Martin Cooper with introduction of mobile phones to Steve Jobs with Apple to our present lives with everything available on our fingertips with advent of online marketplace in existence. 
Everything has a digital version of its own and with surfacing of these privileges, we get ample time to invest in something productive, inspite of venturing out for groceries, clothes, electronics and food. 
Well, that being said, we found a void, a gap in our online marketplace. Our festivals, our marriages, and as a matter of fact all our occasions have ornaments as part of them, IMPORTANT part (must be emphasised) in fact. But how do you order jewellery ?? 
How do you explain designs to the jeweller ??
Do you always go to same vendor (coz may be he has been a part of your shopping since your childhood) ??
Do you imagine something very very appealing but settle for something moderate coz you couldn’t explain your jeweller ??
What if we say, we’ve solved this problem for you ??
What if we say, you don’t need to settle for moderate, coz you deserve magnificence ??

We bring to you a platform for searching, ordering and creating exquisite ornaments according to your imagination and requirements !!
We showcase your style, for you !!
We connect you to vendors around you !! 
We bring originality, with a tinge of grace and royalty to you !!
You ask, who We are ??
We are digital showcase of your beauty !!
We are Flinket !! 
Dress Flair. Dress Flinket.

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