It’s the Unwritten Words that Make This Challenge so Interesting

So, here goes…

Rosy Gee
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For sale: wedding dress, size twenty two. Never been worn.

This challenge was inspired by Amanda Laughtland when I read her article and thought, ‘that is a challenge.’

With so few words to convey a story, it’s not what’s on the page in the written word, but it’s what’s behind the story. The back story, if you like.

Why was the wedding dress never worn? Did the groom die in some terrible accident? Did he ask his bride-to-be to lose weight and because she failed, he refused to marry her? Did the bride get cold feet?

It’s all the unanswered questions that make this challenge so intriguing and, in my opinion, difficult.

I have tagged some writers who I thought might enjoy this challenge. I hope so!

T Mann Justiss Goode Ellie Jacobson Annie Trevaskis Jerry Dwyer K. Barrett Fanae-5, MS Margie Willis

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