Meet the Finalists of the 2017 Flipboard New Year’s Challenge

With so many possible goals, which magazine inspires you to take action? Cast your vote.

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OMG. This is difficult!

When we first announced our New Year’s magazine challenge, we knew that it was, well, challenging. Not only were Flipboard enthusiasts tasked with using magazines to map out realistic goals for the year, but we restricted the magazines to only 12, 24, or 52 items. Not for the faint of heart. So, to those who strove to figure this out, we salute you. You are a Mag Master.

The rules for the challenge were designed to promote critical thinking, stimulate creativity and keep things exciting. The judges combed through each entry and narrowed down to three finalists. Yet again, there is a special situation. In our last challenge we had a double-finalist. This time we have two magazines by the same curator, which brings home the point that these challenges are not about the curator. It’s all about the magazines.

Now it’s your turn. Cast your vote and ask all your friends, co-workers, neighbors, teachers, students, fitness trainers… to vote too.

With so many possible goals, which one of these magazines inspires you to take action?

If we didn’t get what Margaret Garvin was hoping to achieve this year from her title, her magazine description leaves no doubt. “Goal: To Consume Less Sugar For Better Health.” Anyone who has been paying attention to the recent hubbub over sugar knows that her objective may truly be a matter of life and death. Margaret says the role of her magazine is to serve as a daily reminder to monitor and measure the amount of sugar she consumes.

iPad screenshots of Go Sugarless, a Flipboard magazine by Margaret Garvin. (Click on any image to enlarge.)

Margaret’s first Compose note got right to the point. “I did a good job of fitness last year. Sugar is still an enemy.” Based on information from the American Heart Association, she says, “My goal is to limit myself to 6 or less teaspoons of added sugar six days a week.”

Margaret’s goal is admirable. Her 26-article magazine stands out as a call-to-action with information on a currently critical issue. It is also a guide we can all use to achieve the same aim. In fact, her second Compose note brings us right into her journey. “Count to 12 to reduce sugar. Are you ready to begin?”

Yes, we are.

*Flip through Go Sugarless by Margaret Garvin.

You’re on a beach. The bright blue sky is flecked with puffball clouds, and the waves softly lap scalloped patterns on the shore. But you don’t notice. You’re checking text messages and worrying about what will happen when you get back to work tomorrow. If that feels familiar, you need to flip through Amy Weidman’s magazine. Its purpose: “Learning to Be Mindful of Each Moment.”

iPad screenshots of 12 Months of Mindfulness, a Flipboard magazine by Amy Weidman. (Click on any image to enlarge.)

In her Compose note, Amy reminds us that “life goes so fast.” Her goal for 2017 is “to learn to be mindful of more moments each month,” and she shares inspirational articles, poems, photos and videos she hopes will guide her “through the coming seasons.”

The judges loved Amy’s magazine for several reasons: the seasonal graphics interspersed with wisdom, the creative use of Compose, the beautiful photos she curated to bring home the importance of mindfulness… and more. Best of all, her magazine serves as a reminder that even though the world is changing, our basic values should remain constant.

Amy’s goal is not only timely, but timeless too. And she is not planning to achieve it alone. She says, “Join me for the journey!

Will you accept her invitation?

*Flip through 12 Months of Mindfulness by Amy Weidman.

Scientists and nutritionists don’t all agree on how much water the average person should consume each day, but one thing is clear: we all need to stay healthy. Margaret Garvin took this simple and turned it into a goal with a purpose: “Drink More Water For Weight Loss.”

iPad screenshots of Drink More Water, a Flipboard magazine by Margaret Garvin. (Click on any image to enlarge.)

To help her achieve her goal, Margaret created a magazine she calls her “commitment reminder. ” In her words, “Water is so important to our bodies. Fitness begins with the food and water we consume to fuel the body and the mind. My goal is to drink 1/2 my body weight in ounces of water every day for at least 300 days in 2017.”

What struck the judges about this magazine is how Margaret transformed something as simple as colorless flavorless water into an unpredictable and exciting opportunity for culinary creativity. Furthermore, she did it with only 12 items. It’s always risky to keep a magazine that small because each item is that much more critical to conveying your message, but she nailed it.

The overall effect of this carefully curated magazine is that it is both captivating and substantive with a thirst-inducing cover photo to boot.

Do you agree?

*Flip through Drink More Water by Margaret Garvin.

Many thanks to everyone who participated in the 2017 New Year’s Magazine Challenge, including those who cheered.

Cast your vote!

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