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The Power of Flipboard

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Flipboard has been around for quite a number of years now yet not a huge number of people know about it or how well it works for collaborative efforts. I remember when I was early into my Information Technology career I was just diving into my iPad and there was this funny app that came loaded that, that was before apple news. That was where all the new headlines showed up. I didn’t really understand how to use it all that well and didn’t realize there was a social media aspect to it at the time, back in 2012 or 2013 that is.

I found my way back to the company about two years ago on accident when I realized that I could use it to organize my own personal content that I created and mix in similar content that other people create. I then found some other people to collaborate with on twitter who helped me grow my Flipboard presence and learn about how to really use the application. I began to realize that it is more than just an organizational tool it is a true collaboration and social media tool. Allowing for viral sharing of content similar to Twitter, but without as much fluff from the users. You can still comment on what you’re sharing but the main purpose of the platform is the content of what you’re sharing, not the comment, whereas with twitter the purpose isn’t what you share it is the comment.

For example, nobody really cares what Trump shares, they want to see what his comments are on the subject that he is tweeting about. Flipboard is all about the content. Good content leads to more flips, likes, and comments.

Making it powerful.

Well, you have to make it work for you. Like any social platform you have to do some work. First you need to build a following. Select some topics to follow, and create some magazines of your own. You want these magazines to be key topics that you are going to be creating content for. You can have others that you don’t create content for as well but we will start with these. Create catchy names for the magazines that represent your brand that you have. Mine is all about being a dad and and parenting so you find that theme throughout my Flipboard.

Begin reading articles that match those topics you chose for your magazines and if you feel that they are worth sharing then flip them into those magazines to share them with other users. Generating content that others want to read is what will help getting your explosive growth out there. Having a theme helps so long as the theme is something people want to explore.

My theme expands beyond just fatherhood for example and plays into health, mental health, holistic medicine, child rearing, child health, firearms/safety, product reviews, productivity/bullet journaling, and other areas that my website dives into and things that interest me personally. Being a Father and dealing with various areas of life as a parent covers many of these areas and I tend to try and relate it back to the parenting/fatherhood aspect, but not always.

Theme and content is not the only thing that makes it powerful, you need people. You have to go out and start making connections. It is social media after all. Begin to comment on other people’s content. Create conversations within the application. Start to follow other users and they will likely follow you back. When you follow other users, you should start by following like minded individuals who are flipping similar interests as you to help grow your own network first.

Exponentially Powerful

The amazing thing about viral media is that it doesn’t expand linearly, it expands exponentially. Though it takes some time to get off the ground and does take work to get moving. When you finally get it working, and you publish your custom content, flip it into your magazine with only 400 followers like my Bullet Journaling Magazine and get an incredible response from it.

Key Takeaways

Write something meaningful. You need to create something that your audience wants to read with a title that can grab them. I have written plenty of crap over the last few years that has had less than five people even take a look at it. Then other articles have had no less than a few thousand people read it. The difference? Meaning, and a good title. Take this article, The Unexpected Effect of Bullet Journaling. I have written on the subject of bullet journaling several times, and titled my stuff pretty much the same each time. This was a bit different and took a completely different approach and it paid off.

What was different?

The title explained that there was something to be had from bullet journaling that was unique and happened unknowingly from the users perspective, but without giving anything away so that the reader has to dive into the article to find out what exactly it is. In sculpting the article I made sure that I didn’t give it away in the first two paragraphs as well so that they have to read down increasing the time they spend on my site.

The content was a bit different as well. I approached this article a little different. Most bullet journal articles are about how to create a journal, etc. This article was more about long term use and how it provides additional resources to you for growth and well being…. You want to know exactly what I have to say about it? Read the article. The point is, it was a different take on the similar subject, so people were interested in reading it.

Continued Growth

Even if you are not publishing your own content everyday or all the time, you can still be active on Flipboard and find articles to flip into your relative magazines. This will keep people following your magazines and when you do create your custom content and put it in there they will be more likely to see it and flip it out to their followers for that exponential growth pattern we explained above.

It is not an easy task and certainly does not happen overnight. In fact, it doesn’t happen in a linear fashion at all. Some days you may get little to no flips, and other days you may get hundreds. The social nature of the platform means that it is up to the people using the app to decide. But the more effort you put into it at the beginning and growing your base, the larger the growth you will see.

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The creator of awesomedadgear, I like to share the items that I come across with the world that other men may like and find useful in their journey as a dad.

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