A New Low Cost Package for Automating Multiple RSS Feeds in Email Newsletters

Getting started with automating multiple RSS feeds in email newsletters is now far more accessible. We’ve launched a new package this week called ‘Hatchling’ which enables users to set up an automated email marketing campaign including multiple RSS feeds for just £14.99 per month.

You get all the benefits of the premium plans; saving hours of time, integrating with existing Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor accounts and the ability to create a fully automated multi-RSS email campaign but without the advanced features of personalization.

It turns out automating multiple RSS feeds in newsletters is a problem for lots of people. We thought we had it nailed — automate multiple RSS feeds and only show feeds based on subscriber preferences. It took automating multiple RSS feeds in email one step further, offered some really advanced functionality and delivered some unbelievable results.

But for some users, subscriber preferences were a step too far — they had no plans to ever use these advanced features.

After speaking with users and working through hundreds of free trial set ups it became clear that this was a barrier, our pricing was based on larger sites with more complex requirements.

So we’ve listened and produced a basic package for users who just want to automate multiple RSS feeds. No complex settings just straightforward multi-rss-to-email campaigns. Upgrading at any time will enable the advanced features.

We’re available to help with the set up of accounts at all levels and look forward to helping people free up their time and automate their email marketing.

FlipRSS is the ultimate RSS-to-email solution for Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor users. It offers users the ability to add and automate multiple RSS feeds in their email marketing campaigns. For advanced users, feeds can be shown conditionally based on user preferences or any number of variable or custom field. With plans starting at just £14.99 per month, FlipRSS offers a cost-effective solution that saves hours of time compiling or setting up email campaigns at the same time as delivering subscribers content they are most interested. This has resulted in engagement rates 750% above industry average.

To try FlipRSS today you can get started with a free 30-day trial.