Introducing FlipRSS V2.0

Multiple RSS feed to email solution with deeper integration with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor

James Qualtrough
Nov 13, 2017 · 3 min read

Individuals and businesses looking for an effective solution for managing and automating multiple RSS feeds in email marketing have reason to rejoice.

It’s now easier than ever to give subscribers the choice of content they receive, and fully automate the sending of personalised multiple RSS campaigns.

The latest release of FlipRSS sees a significant step forward thanks to deeper integrations with Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor. Connecting FlipRSS with an existing email solution and creating an automated multi-RSS campaign is now extremely simple.

The latest FlipRSS release pre-populates all fields once a valid API key is added. Customising a newsletter and providing subscribers with a personalised content experience has never been easier. Finding the API key for both Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor is really simple too. You just need to know your RSS feeds and which groups you want to send them too.

Since we launched FlipRSS just over 12 months ago it has shown itself to be an invaluable tool for businesses in quite diverse sector, from charities and education through to recruitment. And the results they’re seeing really speak for themselves. FlipRSS users are seeing click through rates up to 750% higher than the industry average. This is good news for our clients but most importantly; it’s great for subscribers.

FlipRSS was originally developed for one particular client who wanted to increase subscriber engagement and email newsletter relevance. Resources limited them and so the solution could not increase the time spent on creating content each month. We realised RSS feeds held the key, not just to reducing the time they spent each month, but actually eliminating it altogether.

By creating RSS feeds for different content categories on their site, they were able to give their subscribers the option of what they received when they signed up to the newsletter. Using FlipRSS they were able to automate a weekly newsletter that sent subscribers the latest content from the categories they had selected. Previously the only option had been to send subscribers all the new content on the site — in their case, new jobs.

Removing the jobs they were not interested in and only providing relevant content has seen open rates 50% above industry average and engagement rate 750% above.

FlipRSS allows for RSS feeds to be matched to a group, segment or merge variable in Campaign Monitor or Mailchimp. Campaigns can be set up and scheduled to run daily, weekly or monthly. FlipRSS takes care of the rest and sends campaigns out through the connected email solution. There’s no need for clients to do anything except check their reports as normal and watch their engagement rates climb!

To automate multiple RSS Feeds with FlipRSS today use our 30 day free trial. We’ll personally help you get set up to make sure you get the best of your free trial. Try FlipRSS here.


Automate multiple RSS feeds in your email newsletters

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