James Qualtrough
Jan 8, 2018 · 3 min read

Recruitment Company Boston Link made a simple change to their email marketing process that not only sent their click through rates through the roof, but also saved them hours of work every week.

How do we know? We were challenged to implement the solution and create a reliable, cost effective source of applicants.

The impact of the solution was instant and has produced a consistent increase in open rate and click through rate for their newsletter. Click through rate is regularly up to 750% above industry average, directing email subscribers to relevant content on their site. As a result, email marketing has become one of their biggest referrers of conversions on their website, ahead of all paid and organic social traffic.

And as if that wasn’t enough, the secret they employed is 100% automated, freeing their team of hours of work every week.

When we first spoke with Boston Link, we discussed their focus on email marketing and engagement. They had a clear strategy but were constrained by resources. The solution drafted put their subscribers at the heart of their email marketing whilst fully automating the process at the same time. It was a win-win.

The only problem was, nobody had built a tool to do this yet. We tried all the top email solutions, spoke to support teams and visited forums but with no luck. Nobody could offer what we needed. So we decided to build it ourselves. We also chose to integrate the solution with Campaign Monitor and Mailchimp so Boston Link could continue using their existing mail service — we’d just handle the additional automation and customisation.

We launched FlipRSS with Boston Link as our first customer just over12 months ago — since then their results have amazed all of us. In that short time over 200 businesses have signed up through organic referral alone.

So what is the secret to sky-high email marketing engagement

FlipRSS allows Boston Link to automate multiple RSS feeds in a single newsletter. Unique in itself, but not enough to deliver on Boston Link’s customer first strategy. FlipRSS enables their subscribers to select only the feeds that interest them. It’s the perfect balance of automation and personalistion.

Boston Link has an RSS feed for each industry category on their job board. Rather than bombarding subscribers with all of the latest jobs, they allow their subscribers to pick the industries that interest them when they sign up.

FlipRSS automatically uses this information to tailor newsletters for each of their subscribers and sends on a weekly basis. After the initial set up, there is nothing more for the team at Boston Link to do but check their reports as normal and handle the increased flow of applications to the business.

This simple solution has resulted in increased engagement with their newsletter subscribers and email topping social media as a source of conversions on their website. It has reduced their workload and driven up application volumes at the same time.

Automated email marketing for recruitment companies and job boards

Any recruitment company can set up FlipRSS. It is easy to get started and integrate into existing websites and email solutions. For recruitment agencies starting their email marketing from scratch, our team of digital marketing professionals is on hand to offer advice and support throughout.

It’s free for 30 days and we’ll work with you to make sure you get the most out of your 30-day trial.

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Automate multiple RSS feeds in your email newsletters

James Qualtrough

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Founder at 572 Digital



Automate multiple RSS feeds in your email newsletters

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