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Float Protocol: Governance Procedure

Democracy and good governance are very important to us. In our short life so far, we have already had a Phase 1 distribution which prioritised active DeFi governance participants, three community votes on vital parts of our distribution and even created our own voting system (Scattershot, a fork of Snapshot).

Moving forward, we plan to support full on-chain governance and set-up a fully-fledged DAO. This document just clarifies our procedures for now.

If you want to propose something within Float Protocol, the stages are as follows:

A note on the multi-sig

The multi-sig is currently comprised of the four band members. We want to start diversifying the team’s control of the multi-sig. In the near future, we’ll be announcing some changes here.



Docs — https://docs-float.gitbook.io/docs/

Twitter — https://twitter.com/FloatProtocol

Telegram — https://t.me/officialfloatprotocol

Medium — https://medium.com/@floatprotocol

Github — https://github.com/FloatProtocol/

Discord — https://discord.gg/nVCZacJJqM

Scattershot (fork of Snapshot) — https://scattershot.page/#/snapshot.floatprotocol.eth

Forum — https://forum.floatprotocol.com



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